20/04/2016 : Press release - European films make up a third of all films available on VOD in Europe

European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new VOD report

  • 27% of films available on VOD in the EU are European productions, compared with 59% for US films (75 VOD catalogues analysed);
  • 30% of films available on SVOD in Europe are of European origin, compared with 60% for US films (16 SVOD catalogues analysed);
  • 100% of all films available on VOD in more than 40 catalogues in Europe are of US or international origin.



These are the findings of the new report – The Origin of Films in VOD Catalogues in the EU – published by the European Audiovisual Observatory, part of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. This 84 page analysis of the VOD/SVOD market in Europe is free for download here. It was drafted for the European Commission.

The report provides an overview of the share of films by country of origin/country of production on 75 different transactional VOD services and 16 SVOD services. The Observatory’s analysis includes both national and pan-European players such as iTunes, Netflix, wuaki.tv or Chili.tv for example. Five different categories of origin are defined for the purpose of this study: national, EU28, (broader) European, US and international. The result is a snapshot analysis of some 135 782 films.

The report also reveals that the availability of European national films on VoD and SVoD platforms is strongly linked to national production levels in each respective country.

The Observatory’s analysts have found that pan-European services adapt their films on offer to the individual tastes and trends in each country they serve. Significant differences from country to country were noticed in the catalogues of films on offer from pan-European services.