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RU TV and VoD 2013 KVG report

TV Market and Video on Demand in the Russian Federation

Author: KVG Research / European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 07/02/2014

The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes a new report edited by KVG Research, a Moscow-based consultancy company: The TV Market and Video on Demand in the Russian Federation. Its main objective is to analyse the origin of the content broadcast by the main Russian TV channels.

  • TV channels with federal coverage still lead the market and 90% of Russian viewers watch them regularly
  • 77% of all content broadcast by leading channels is of national origin, 23% from outside Russia. European imports represent around 6% of the total content.
  • 60 different VoD services currently operate in Russia.

It can be downloaded in English here and in Russian here.