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TR - Turkish film industry Report

/documents/205595/552780/Turkish_Film_Industry_report2014.pdf/84523e03-ac19-411e-81be-0015b164ebf1 The Turkish film industry. Key developments 2004 to 2013

Author: Martin KANZLER, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 28/11/2014

As Turkish cinema celebrates its 100th anniversary, the Turkish film industry looks back at a dynamic and eventful history. Today, Turkey is firmly established as the 2nd largest European theatrical growth market and the 7th largest theatrical market in terms of admissions, only superseded by the ‘big 5’ EU markets and the Russian Federation. The Turkish film market also stands out in the pan-European landscape as the only market where national films regularly outperform US films.

The Observatory’s report is probably the most comprehensive market analysis of the Turkish film industry available in the English language. It provides a sound overview of the development and current trends in:

  • Turkish film policy and legal framework;
  • box office;
  • exhibition market;
  • distribution market;
  • export of Turkish films abroad.

Apart from a brief historic overview the report focuses on key developments between 2004 and 2013 and sets the Turkish film industry into the context of other European markets, providing comparisons where meaningful and elaborating structural differences, which are important in gaining a better understanding about how the Turkish film market works.

The full report is available in English:

An executive summary is available in English, French and German:

Note: Please note that the market leading cinema chain no longer operates as MARS ENTERTAINMENT GROUP but is now MARS CINEMA GROUP.