Mapping the Animation Industry in Europe (2015)

Author: Jimenez M., Simone P., Kevin D., Ene L. and Talavera J. / European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 20/04/2016

The study Mapping the Animation Industry in Europe points to the fact that among audiovisual programmes, animation is the category with the largest European circulation. Based on data from global, European and national sources, it maps the production and distribution of animation as well as the new challenges and opportunities for this growing European industry.

This overview study starts with an examination of animation, production and distribution in the world, in Europe and in individual countries with a double focus on film production and theatrical animation on one hand and TV and VOD production on the other.

The second chapter looks at the sector in transition and discusses the challenges that are faced by the European animation industry, the impact of internet on distribution as well as how to enlarge the audience. Other topics dealt with include the role of public funding through direct funding, fiscal incentives and mandatory investments from broadcasters.

Finally, the study looks at training and festivals.

The PDF version of this study can be downloaded from the European Commission's website.