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This publication series gives overviews on standards and case law governing the audiovisual sector and uses the content provided by the IRIS Merlin database and other free-of-charge information resources.

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DLI IRIS Themes - Parliamentary Assembly

IRIS Themes - Vol. II - Freedom of Expression and the Media: Standard-setting by the Council of Europe (II) Parliamentary Assembly

Author: European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 01/12/2011

This e-book provides valuable insights into the work of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on freedom of expression and the media. It summarises the many positions adopted by the PACE since June 1995 in no less than 49 official documents designed to guide the member states of the Council of Europe. It also provides direct access to each of those official documents.

More precisely, this publication contains:

1. An overview of all the texts summarised, including links to the individual articles and the official texts.

2. A list of authors of the articles.

3. A general description of the role and functioning of the PACE in the context of standard-setting relating to (but not necessarily based on) Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

4. A compilation of short articles, taken from our legal database, IRIS Merlin, summarising the main elements of relevant Resolutions, Recommendations and other documents adopted by the PACE. Each article provides a link to the full text of the official document(s) it summarises.

5. A compilation of the full texts of PACE Resolutions, Recommendations, etc. (covering the period from 23 January 1970 to 12 March 2010), supplemented by the editors to include relevant texts not included in the compilation and those adopted between 12 March 2010 and 25 January 2011.

This e-book is the brain-child of Tarlach McGonagle who also provided us with the introduction, the complete list of relevant texts and many of the corresponding IRIS Merlin articles as well as the list of authors. I would like to thank him for his initiative and commitment. I am also grateful to the authors of the IRIS Merlin abstracts that build the core of this e-book. Thanks are also due to Kim de Beer for her patient persistence with the numerous challenges of the formatting exercise. My thanks go finally to the colleagues of the Media, Information Society and Data Protection Division of the Council of Europe who let us use their compilation of the original texts adopted by the PACE.

A sister publication focusing on the multiple principles and normative requirements adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe is available as IRIS Themes Freedom of Expression and the Media: Standard-setting by the Council of Europe (I) Committee of Ministers.