Third-party publication: Derivative use of public domain content — Film industry focus

Authors: Michał Kazimierczak, Franciska Schönherr and Adéla Dvořáková, European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights of EUIPO

Published: 24/08/2017

During the past years, the EUIPO, acting through the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, has carried out a number of studies demonstrating the economic importance of IP rights in generating economic activity and employment in the European Union. This study combines data from rich online repositories of film and book related information, complemented with information collected by the European Audiovisual Observatory. Close to 90 000 films released between 2000 and 2010 form the basis for the analysis.  More

IRIS Plus 2016-3: VOD, platforms and OTT: which promotion obligations for European works?

Authors: Francisco Javier Cabrera Blázquez, Maja Cappello, Christian Grece, Sophie Valais, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 11/01/2017

The present issue of IRIS Plus starts with an outlook of the latest market developments, before exploring the regulatory context, and sets out international and European obligations as well as national frameworks. The report then continues considering self- and co-regulatory tools and case-law, and provides an outline of the main aspects of the current reform of the AVMSD in this field.  More

IRIS Bonus 2015-4: Annotated bibliography on territoriality and its impact on the financing of audiovisual works

Authors: Maja Cappello (ed.), European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 01/02/2016

This annotated bibliography aims at completing the IRIS Plus on “Territoriality and its impact on the financing of audiovisual works” with a basic gateway to the most recent reference documentation available on the internet.  More

IRIS Plus 2015-2: Territoriality and its impact on the financing of audiovisual works

Authors: Francisco Javier Cabrera Blázquez, Maja Cappello, Christian Grece, Sophie Valais, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 11/09/2015

This report aims to interpret the results of previous research in the light of the concept of territoriality. It focuses in parallel on copyright and media regulation, in order to take a closer look at the impact of the two leading concepts of “territoriality of copyright” and “country of origin” on the financing of audiovisual works in the digital single market, offering insights both into business contractual practices and the investment obligations of the different operators of the value chain.  More

IRIS Plus 2014-3: Enabling Access to the Media for All

Authors: Cristina Bachmeier, Institute for European Media Law (EMR), Saarbrücken/Brussels

Published: 02/12/2014

When it comes to barriers to accessing information and to culture for people with disabilities, the concept becomes immediately multifaceted. Depending on how content as such is conceived, whether it is a library with stairs before an entrance door or an immaterial file requiring the command of additional technological equipment, the concept of a barrier may take on different meanings and require the use of different tools.  More

IRIS Plus 2014-1: The new Cinema Communication

Authors: Francisco Javier Cabrera Blázquez & Amélie Lépinard, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 01/09/2014

Younger generations nowadays take the existence of the European Union for granted. Today’s European adolescents were born into the European Union, so to speak, but it is a very recent development if we take into consideration the history of Europe as a whole. It is an organisation that was not created overnight, not even in seven days, but one that evolved gradually. Some would argue that the EU is still an unfulfilled dream, but despite this much has been achieved since its creation. Among the many advantages that citizens of an EU member state enjoy, the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the EU treaties allow them to move around, do business and live in other EU countries.  More

Media and Protection of Minors in France - TV and Cinema

Authors: Mathias Grenier, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 26/06/2012

This article describes the French regulation on the protection of minors concerning cinematographic and other audiovisual productions.  More

The Protection of Children from Harmful Effects of Films in the United States

Authors: Jonathan Perl, Media Center, New York Law School

Published: 26/06/2012

This article describes the regulation on the protection of minors concerning cinematographic and other audiovisual productions in the United States.  More

IRIS Plus 2012-3: The Future of State Aid

Authors: Francisco Javier Cabrera Blázquez, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 01/04/2012

As every year, May 2012 will see an edition of the Cannes Film Festival along with a new Golden Palm winner. Less in the news but more important for the industry will be the Cannes Film Market, which takes place in parallel. It will allow over 10,000 film industry professionals from over 100 countries to pick from around 4,000 films of which approximately 1,500 will be screened. And whenever films are at the center of an event, the money issue is never far away– including the question as to how states may (or may not) aid the film industry.  More

IRIS Plus 2012-2: The Lifespan for Copyright of Audiovisual Works

Authors: Christina Angelopoulos, Institute for Information Law (IViR), University of Amsterdam

Published: 01/03/2012

Intellectual property rights are one of the tools, if not the tool for rewarding and stimulating creativity. They are attached to many assets which form part of our cultural heritage but which cannot be tagged physically as personal property, as could be, for example, paintings or sculptures. Thanks to intellectual property rights, authors and other rightsholders can cash in on their creative contributions to the making of tangible and intangible audiovisual products in the same way in which others derive money from selling the physical carrier of audiovisual works that they own.  More

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