Third-party publication: Derivative use of public domain content — Film industry focus

Authors: Michał Kazimierczak, Franciska Schönherr and Adéla Dvořáková, European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights of EUIPO

Published: 24/08/2017

During the past years, the EUIPO, acting through the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, has carried out a number of studies demonstrating the economic importance of IP rights in generating economic activity and employment in the European Union. This study combines data from rich online repositories of film and book related information, complemented with information collected by the European Audiovisual Observatory. Close to 90 000 films released between 2000 and 2010 form the basis for the analysis.  More

IRIS Bonus 2015-4: Annotated bibliography on territoriality and its impact on the financing of audiovisual works

Authors: Maja Cappello (ed.), European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 01/02/2016

This annotated bibliography aims at completing the IRIS Plus on “Territoriality and its impact on the financing of audiovisual works” with a basic gateway to the most recent reference documentation available on the internet.  More

IRIS Plus 2002-4: In Search of Lost Rightsholders: Clearing Video-on-Demand Rights for European Audiovisual Works

Authors: Francisco Javier Cabrera Blázquez, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 01/09/2002

This article investigates the conflict between copyright protection and new ways of exploiting audiovisual works. The key role that collecting societies might play and the need for corresponding legal provisions are discussed in particular.  More

IRIS Plus 2000-2: The Electronic Rights War

Authors: Bernt Hugenholtz & Annemique de Kroon, Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam

Published: 01/04/2000

Who Owns the Rights to New Digital Uses of Existing Works of Authorship? Some stock taking reflecting the situation as of April 2000.  More

IRIS Plus 2000-5: Who Owns Electronic Rights?

Authors: Christina Lampe, Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam

Published: 01/10/2000

A round table conference was held on 27 May 2000 at the Institute for Information Law of the University of Amsterdam (IViR) to discuss the issue of the ownership of copyrights, with special focus on the new electronic media. The conference was organised by the Institute for Information Law in co-operation with the European Audiovisual Observatory.  More

IRIS Plus 2003-2: European Copyright Law and the Audiovisual Media: Are We Moving Towards Cross-Sectoral Regulation?

Authors: Jan Peter Müßig & Alexander Scheuer, Institute for European Media Law (EMR), Saarbrücken / Brussels

Published: 01/04/2003

This article explores the system of European copyright law as it applies to the audiovisual media. It discusses the aims of copyright law and how that law is affected by digitalisation, then goes on to ask whether we can identify a trend towards cross-sectoral regulation. Finally, taking the example of collecting societies, it examines how tools for the practical implementation of copyright law fit into the existing system.  More

IRIS Plus 2004-4: The Protection of Cinematographic Heritage in Europe

Authors: Sabina Gorini, Institute for Information Law (IViR) of the University of Amsterdam

Published: 01/09/2004

This edition of IRIS plus looks at how different countries deal with the protection of cinematographic heritage in Europe and what initiatives have been taken in this area at European level.  More

IRIS Plus 2005-4: Digital Rights Management from a Consumer's Perspective

Authors: Natali Helberger, Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam

Published: 01/08/2005

This IRIS plus deals with DRM from the consumer's perspective in an effort to enhance people's understanding of this aspect of DRM.  More

IRIS Plus 2006-5: The Position of Broadcasters and Other Media under "Rome II" Proposed Regulation on the Law Applicable to Non-contractual Obligations

Authors: Mireille van Eechoud, Institute for Information Law (IViR), University of Amsterdam

Published: 01/11/2006

This IRIS plus explores in full detail the background, objectives and rules of the envisaged "Rome II" Regulation on non-contractual obligations.  More

IRIS Plus 2010-6: Switchover to the Digital Dividend

Authors: David Korteweg & Tarlach McGonagle, Institute for Information Law (IViR), Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam

Published: 01/12/2010

Like Siamese twins, the switchover to digital television is inseparable from the spectrum liberated as a result of the process. The twin of the switchover is called digital dividend. If we look closer at these twins, we realize that they are non-identical, as far as at least one important point is concerned. Whereas lots of facts and figures are being collected to document how countries are moving from analogue to digital television, much less information seems available on how they might wish to, or are obliged to, use the resulting digital dividend. Admittedly, when it comes to describing developments concerning the digitization of television the usable data are significantly more concrete than they are regarding policies for the digital dividend. And it is these policies that are decisive for determining the use of the freed up spectrum. Tracking policies becomes easier, however, if we take stock of existing legal frameworks within which these policies are being developed. This IRIS plus deals, in its Lead Article, with the rules and regulations currently determining the possible uses of the digital dividend, while its Related Reporting and its Zoom section provide legal and market information relevant to the implementation of digital television.  More

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