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PR Cannes 2016

11/04/2016 : Press release - Ticket to Ride! What makes European films travel?

European Audiovisual Observatory announces this year’s Cannes conference!

The European Audiovisual Observatory is focusing on the export of European films in this year’s Cannes conference. The title of the conference is Ticket to Ride! What makes European films travel? In order to attend this year’s event you’ll have to cross the road – like our Observatory Fab Four - to the Olympia Cinema, 7 rue d’Antibes, Cannes. Be there for our conference on Saturday 14th of May from 9.30 – 11.30!  Full programme here!

Our line-up of experts will be looking at three aspects of exporting European films: the importance of European films outside their national markets, what makes successful European films travel and how digital platforms are opening up export possibilities. Speakers this year include Stefano Massenzi, Head of Acquisitions and Business Affairs at Lucky Red (associate producer of 'The White Ribbon', 'Funny Games' and 'This must be the Place'), Daniela Elstner, President of the French Association des Exportateurs de Films and Ed Guiney of Element Pictures (producer of Oscar winning 'Room', 'The Lobster' and 'Frank').

The Observatory’s own team: Maja Cappello, Head of the Department for Legal Information and Martin Kanzler, Film Analyst, will be introducing each panel with snapshot presentations of data and analysis of the European film industry. This year’s Master of Ceremonies is Michael Gubbins of SampoMedia.

The Observatory’s Executive Director, Susanne Nikoltchev, pointed out that the “new-look” conference is taking place in at a new venue “in order to reply to increasing demand for more seats”. She added that the format would be “more relaxed, less academic and with more audience interplay”.

For an invitation: