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PR Re election ADCO Chair

13/04/2016 : Press release - Johannes Studinger re-elected to Chair Observatory's Advisory Committee

Johannes Studinger

Johannes Studinger

The European Audiovisual Observatory's Advisory Committee re-elected Johannes Studinger, Head of UNI MEI, as its Chairman for a further two years (2017 – 2018). The Advisory Committee meeting took place at the Council of Europe, of which the Observatory is part, in Strasbourg on Thursday 10th of March.

UNI MEI is the media and entertainment sector of UNI Global Union, a global union federation, which represents labour unions and guilds and aims at ensuring justice and equality in the global economy.

Studinger is responsible within UNI MEI for questions relating to the labour market in the media industries in Europe and beyond.

Studinger stated that his re-election for two more years as Chairman of the Observatory's Advisory Committee would allow him to "continue highlighting labour law and employment figures in the European media industries as key indicators for success and development." He hoped that the European Audiovisual Observatory would “promote greater transparency of information in the audiovisual industries in Europe, particularly concerning the economic performance of each individual sector.”

Susanne Nikoltchev, Executive Director of the Observatory, congratulated Studinger whose Chairmanship of the Observatory's Advisory Committee will take the organisation into its 25th anniversary celebrations next year. The Advisory Committee expressed its ongoing support and need for the Observatory's work and the information it produces on the audiovisual industries in 41 countries.

The Observatory's Advisory Committee is composed of 39 European or international organisations which represent the various different branches of media industry professionals. It meets once a year in Strasbourg to advise the Observatory on the information needs of the media professionals it represents.