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Russian St Petersburg conference

Evénement - 22/9/2016 Conference on International Cinema Co-production in Russia (St. Petersburg, Russia)

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Our unique new report will track the current state of production and co-production in the Russian Federation. How many co-productions involve Russian companies? Which countries are the most active partners?

It will also offer an in-depth quantitative analysis of Russian film exports to other countries and, conversely, the import of European films into the CIS countries.

The report will also provide a unique qualitative analysis describing the current state of Russian's involvement in the global film industry from the point of view of Russian professionals looking for partners and selling their own films abroad.

The challenges of international collaboration will be examined from both sides now: from the point of view of Russian professionals working to reach beyond their borders, as well as the challenges for other Europeans seeking to work with Russia.

A print copy of this new report will be distributed to all participants. The final report will be made available on line after the conference. To receive a copy:

This conference will take place in Russian and English with simultaneous interpreting available.