Industrie cinématographique en Europe

Film production in Europe - Production volume, co-production and worldwide circulation

Auteur: Julio TALAVERA, European Audiovisual Observatory

Publié: 11/12/2017

This report goes several steps further, beyond the usual reporting of national and overall figures.

First, the different angles involved in film production (nationality and type of production – purely national, majority co-production and minority co-production) have been analysed. This answers questions related to for example the weight of co-production in Europe, and allows identification of the main co-production countries in absolute and relative terms.

Second, when it comes to international co-productions, the interactions between countries and their frequency have been studied. How many countries do European countries co-produce with on average? What are the more frequent interactions between production countries? What portion of co-production partners for European films are non-European countries? These are some of the questions answered in this part of the analysis.

Last, the circulation and admissions of European productions and co-productions have been assessed; not only in the European markets, but also in a selection of the main non-European markets for which data was available (including the USA, Canada, Brazil, South Korea and Australia, among others). This permits an unveiling of the average number of countries of release for European films, as well as the breakdown of admissions across domestic, non-national European and non-European markets.

This report can be downloaded for free by clicking here [in English only].