DGCNCT Note 5 - The visibility of film on on-demand platforms - DE, FR, GB - Nov. 2015

The visibility of film on on-demand platforms: Germany, France and the United Kingdom

Auteur: Gilles FONTAINE, European Audiovisual Observatory

Publié: 16/03/2016


This report is a first attempt to measure the visibility of films, and notably the visibility of European films through the quantitative analysis of the services home pages.

The note builds on data collected by the company AQOA between 1st October and 1st November in France, Germany and the UK.
AQOA monitors on a daily basis the films put forward by a representative sample of on-demand services, available either on cable/IPTV or Over-the-top, and cov-ering at least 70% of the on-demand transactional market.

This report was prepared by the European Audiovisual Observatory in the framework of a contract with the European Commission (DG Connect). It can be downloaded hereafter: