Cover of report KIDS Regio The Theatrical Circulation of European Live Action Children's Films in Europe 2000 – 2008

Auteur: Martin Kanzler & Susan Newman-Baudais, European Audiovisual Observatory

Publié: 24/06/2009

Published in 2009 in collaboration with the KIDS Regio subgroup of Cine Regio, the European network of regional film funds, this report looked at the production, theatrical performance and circulation of live action feature films for children produced and distributed in Europe between 2000 and 2008.

Key findings of this report included:

  1. The big 5 European and the Scandinavian countries were the largest producers of live action children's films, accounting for about 37% and 34% respectively of the total sample production volume. With 45 films, Germany was the most prolific producer during the reference period, followed by Denmark and the Netherlands.
  2. 68% of the sample films were released in two or more European markets and the films were, on average, released in a total of 3.4 territories during the reference period. Films from the big 5 territories obtained release in more countries than films from other regions in Europe.
  3. The European live action children's films in the sample were on release for an average of 3.1 years between 2000 and 2008, with Scandinavian films showing above-average longevity.
  4. The median number of admissions to a European live action children's film was 129 041 tickets sold. Films originating from the big 5 countries and Scandinavia obtained above average results.
  5. On average, 74% of total admissions to European live action children's films were generated on the national market and 26% outside the home territory. Scandinavian and Central and Eastern European children's films were, comparatively, more dependant on success on their national markets than films from Western Europe.
  6. The European animation films in the control group were, on average, released in a slightly higher number of markets. Though median admissions for the two types of film were comparable, the animation films in the control group generated a significantly higher proportion of their admissions outside the national market. 


Median admissions to European live action children's films by region of origin 2000 to 2008

Graph showing median admissions to children's films by region of origin 2000 to 2008

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