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DGCNECT Note 1 Measurement of fragmented audiovisual audiences - Nov. 2015

Measurement of fragmented audiovisual audiences

Auteur: Gilles FONTAINE and Christian GRECE / European Audiovisual Observatory

Publié: 16/03/2016

In its 2014 edition of the report on “The measurement of fragmented audiovisual audiences” - see here), the European Audiovisual Observatory analysed how on-demand viewing of television programming on the one hand, online video viewing on the other hand, challenge the way that audiovisual audiences are tracked.

The report described the answers that legacy audience measurement services enforce to take into account time-shifted television viewing, and the solutions to measure online video viewing. Even if both approaches provide increasingly relia-ble data, recent evolutions as the role of mobile in video viewing remain to be totally handled. Moreover the reconciliation of TV-centric and of online-centric approaches to audience measurement into a program-centric solution that would allow to truly monitoring the audience of one given program on any device or network remains to be demonstrated. The detailed presentation of the audience measurement tools is therefore available in the 2014 Edition of this report.

This 2015 edition focuses on the most recent figures available for television and for online video viewing. It builds on two different sources: Eurodata TV Worldwide for television audiences and comScore Video Metrix for online viewing

This report was prepared by the European Audiovisual Observatory in the framework of a contract with the European Commission (DG Connect). It can be downloaded hereafter: