Our publications

IRIS is the editorial umbrella for a set of different legal publications, each of them with specific characters:


IRIS newsletter provides a monthly selection of legal developments across Europe and feeds the IRIS Merlin database, which now counts more than 7 000 articles from 1995 onwards;


IRIS Special offers in-depth information and the most detailed analysis of major topics, with a format that provides space for adequate treatment of increasingly complex legal issues and that gives the Department for Legal Information a real opportunity to liaise with experts in a given field through its partner institutions;

IRIS Plus provides information produced in-house on issues at stake in the future reforms of the relevant European legal framework organised around six standard sections so as to ensure a comprehensive and readable digest of the regulatory framework at European and national level;

IRIS Themes gives overviews on standards and case law governing the audiovisual sector and uses the content provided by the IRIS Merlin database and other free-of-charge information resources;

IRIS Extra provides a report on topical issues that are of particular relevance in the Russian landscape and, possibly, on further countries in the future;

IRIS Bonus provides additional working material collected in-house or provided for by the network that we might make available as received because of its complementary value to our publications.

Furthermore, we organise legal workshops and publish legal reports on an ad hoc basis.