IRIS Bonus 2015-1: Comparative tables on the protection of minors in audiovisual media services

Auteur: Sophie Valais, European Audiovisual Observatory

Publié: 08/04/2015

Conceived as a tool for our workshop on “Empowering users: Rating Systems, Protection Tools and Media Literacy across Europe” organised in Strasbourg jointly with the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) in December 2014, these comparative tables aim at giving an overview of the existing obligations across the 28 EU member states with regard to the protection of minors in audiovisual media services and to watershed periods in broadcasting services.

To ease their reading, the two are kept separate, and follow two slightly different structures:

  • the first table gives an overview of the legal basis of the existing obligations, including the self- and co-regulatory ones, and of the available protections tools in case of content that is unsuitable for minors both on linear and non linear services;
  • the second table digs into the various watershed periods applicable to linear services, and goes throught their legal basis while also describing the nature of the content they apply to.