Workshop - The grey areas between media regulation and data protection

Publié: 03/02/2016

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As part of their long-lasting collaboration, the European Audiovisual Observatory (OBS) and the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) jointly organised in Strasbourg on 11 December 2015 a workshop on “The grey areas between media regulation and data protection" (link to the Storify page). The first co-organised workshop was on Empowering users: rating systems, protection tools and media literacy across Europe, in 2014.

This event allowed focus on media-related issues like pluralism and freedom of expression, and an exploration of some of the grey areas between media regulation and data protection. It tackled these issues from four different angles: 1) setting the scene and identifying the important interconnections between data protection and media regulation; 2) the impact on freedom of expression; 3) the impact on pluralism of information and editorial responsibility; 4) the cooperation between the different stakeholders (data protectors, media regulators, broadcasters, manufacturer and users).

You will find here the summary of the discussions held during the workshop, including links to the presentations made by the participants.

Opening of the Workshop

Susanne Nikoltchev - Executive Director, European Audiovisual Observatory

Celene Craig - Chairperson of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA)

Panel 1 - Setting the scene

Chair: Emmanuelle Machet - Coordinator of the Secretariat, EPRA

Presentation of Do Not Track
Alexander Knetig - Editor-in-Chief, ARTE Creative

Overview of digital technologies exploiting personal data in the media
Lucia D’Acunto - Research Scientist, TNO

Mapping the regulatory framework
Sebastian Schweda - Attorney-at-Law, Institute of European Media Law (EMR)

The march of smart TV and the search for smarter regulation
Britt van Breda - Research Assistant, Institute for information Law - University of Amsterdam (IViR)

Roundtable discussion

Panel 2 - Impact on freedom of expression

Chair: Francisco Cabrera - Legal analyst, European Audiovisual Observatory

Data protection and freedom of expression
Peggy Valcke - Research Professor, ICT and Media Law, KU Leuven

Roundtable discussion

The “Right to be Forgotten”
Andra Giurgiu - Research Associate, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust - Uni. of Luxembourg

Roundtable discussion

Panel 3 - Impact on pluralism of information and editorial responsibility

Chair: Sophie Valais - Legal analyst, European Audiovisual Observatory

Big data and television business models
Gilles Fontaine - Head of Department for Information on Markets and Financing, European Audiovisual Observatory

Roundtable discussion

  • - Antoine Larpin - Manager for International Affairs, Panasonic
  • - David Stevens - Head of Legal Media & ICT, Telenet
  • - Damien Tardieu - Cofounder and CEO, Niland
  • - Heiko Zysk - Vice President, Governmental Relations & Head of European Affairs, ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG

Impact on pluralism of information and editorial responsibility
Anne Catherine Berg - Senior Legal Adviser, Legal Department, European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

Roundtable discussion

Panel 4 - Round-up discussion: Working together

Chair: Maja Cappello - Head of the Department for Legal Information, European Audiovisual Observatory

Free seating for all participants at the five thematic world-café tables, except for the following:


Media regulators

Data protectors



European Commission