Questions d'intérêt public

IRIS Bonus 2015-3: Public service media remit in 40 European countries

Auteur: Marie Anne-Carole Josephine, European Audiovisual Observatory

Publié: 26/10/2015

Intended as a free working tool to also accompany the reading of the IRIS Special on “Public service activities online: remit and financing”, the following tables provide an overview of the definition of the public service remit in the 40 countries that are members to the Observatory, and indicate:

  • the adopting bodies,
  • the concerned broadcasters,
  • the legal sources defining the remit, with mention of the specific articles,
  • the links to the texts in their original language and in English translation where available.

For practical reasons the countries are listed in two groups, members of the European Union and non EU members, and follow the alphabetical order of the ISO country codes.