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Gender equality in the media, promotion of European films, the origin of TV fiction in Europe….

New edition of the European Audiovisual Observatory’s KEY TRENDS now available for free on line
Strasbourg 10/04/2019
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Gender equality in the media, promotion of European films, the origin of TV fiction in Europe….

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  • 18 out of 28 European countries have gender equality measures in operation within their film funds
  • 50% of TV fiction broadcast on TV is European
  • Visibility on VOD: European films benefit from 27% of promotional measures

These are some of the findings of Key Trends 2018/2019, the European Audiovisual Observatory’s yearly digest of what’s hot in European media: TV, film and VOD. The Observatory, part of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, outlines the big picture of the European audiovisual sector with this very readable round-up of the key data from Observatory research. The authors drill down into recent trends and hot issues.

This year we’re asking the key questions:

  • Is the European audiovisual market growing?
  • What is US groups’ share of the European market?
  • Do European films export?
  • How many TV channels are there in Europe?
  • What is in the new AVMS Directive?

Some take-aways from Key Trends:

    1. 18 out of 28 European countries have gender equality measures in operation within their film funds

Our chapter on gender equality measures in European film funding provides a useful overview of the strategies currently in place. For example, the French CNC has created in 2019 a 15% support bonus for film projects with balanced female representation, fostering parity in selection committees. Other measures include the visibility of female and gender-equal films and works – for example. Spain’s ICAA has introduced a gender equality label as a way of categorising films “especially recommended for fostering gender equality”. In addition, there are training, mentoring and networking measures; for instance, Screen Ireland’s “POV: Production and Training Scheme for Female Creative Talent” offers a variety of training options especially oriented towards female professionals.

    2. 50% of TV fiction broadcast on TV is European

European TV fiction programmes accounted for 51% (in number of titles), 47% (in number of episodes) and 49% (in hours) of total TV fiction broadcasts in the EU-28. Among EU-28 TV fiction broadcasts, TV fiction originating from Germany led in terms of number of titles (due to the high number of TV films produced in the country) whereas UK TV fiction led in terms of number of episodes and hours.

    3. Visibility on VOD: European films get 27% of promotion

Having measured the promotional spots targeting European films in transactional VOD catalogues, the Observatory has found that the share of promotional spots for European films (27%) is in line with the share of European films in TVOD catalogues. Out of the countries of the sample, the UK dedicated the fewest promotional efforts to European films, and France the most. This again reflects primarily the composition of the catalogues. National players dedicated significantly more promotional space to European films (34%) than international players (23%), in line, generally speaking, with the composition of the catalogues.

Featured report Featured report

Key Trends 2019/2020 

Understanding the European film, television and VOD industries

Where were we before the COVID crisis?

To understand how COVID-19 has hit the film, TV and VOD sectors, we need to know how they were performing before it started. Key Trends 2019/2020 gives you a complete overview of the European audiovisual markets before the current crisis hit us.

  •  Which players are dominating today’s European audiovisual landscape?
  •  What are the latest market trends for cinema, television and on-demand services?
  •  How does Europe finance the production of new content and how well does it circulate?

These are some of the question explored in our new edition of Key Key Trends 2019/2020

The brand-new Key Trends 2019/2020 is free to download here. It gives you a one-volume overview of the latest developments in the European film, television and VOD industries, including market trends, financing models and circulation figures for European works. Key Trends is an executive summary of data contained in the European Audiovisual Observatory’s Yearbook – Television, VOD, cinema and video in 40 European states.

See previous Key Trends reports here

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IRIS Newsletter – our latest legal observations 

The IRIS Newsletter reports monthly on the most important legal developments for the audiovisual industry in 39 European countries.
In more than 30 short articles, it provides a regular, free overview of what has been happening at national and international level. In short, the IRIS Newsletter is an indispensable publication for all decision-makers and experts in the audiovisual sector, produced by us to improve the flow of information and transparency in the sector.

Featured Workshop Featured Workshop

Artificial Intelligence in the audiovisual industry

In the audiovisual industry, as in other sectors, the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is likely to announce a paradigm shift, as it can transform the entire value chain.
The Observatory decided to take a closer look at these effects and devoted the 2019 edition of its annual workshop in December to discussing the opportunities and challenges raised by AI in the audiovisual sector, particularly in the journalistic field and in the film sector.

Tracking COVID-19 measures in the audiovisual sector Tracking COVID-19 measures in the audiovisual sector

We are tracking measures in our Member States and on a European level to support the audiovisual sector during and after the
COVID-19 crisis.

Database of studies and data from the European film agencies

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Published: 16/11/2019

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