This publication series from 2015 covers a selection of topics that are high on the European regulatory agenda, offering comparative and reliable information on a chosen topical issue in the perspective of the ongoing reforms of the legal framework on European and national level.

For each chosen topic, this new publication looks into:

  1. the economic and technological backdrop
  2. the international and European regulatory framework
  3. the national implementation of these provisions
  4. self- and co-regulation
  5. case-law
  6. recent trends.

The former version of the IRIS Plus series (until 2014) was a paid-for publication that featured a combination of a lead article, related reporting and a Zoom section, comprising overview tables, market data or practical information.

  • All published issues are available for free in PDF format (see below).
  • Print versions for publications prior to 2022, may be purchased from the Council of Europe online shop.

Back IRIS Plus 2021-1: Diversity and inclusion in the audiovisual sector

IRIS Plus 2021-1: Diversity and inclusion in the audiovisual sector

This publication aims at presenting the variety of measures in place with regard to diversity and inclusion in a non-comprehensive way - in a way which not only illustrates all the good work that has been done in recent years, but which also highlights shortcomings and challenges for the future.

  IRIS Plus “Diversity and inclusion in the audiovisual sector”

 IRIS Bonus: Reports on diversity and inclusion in the European audiovisual sector - an overview 

Authors (in alphabetical order) Francisco Javier Cabrera Blázquez, Maja Cappello, Julio Talavera Milla, Sophie Valais 08/07/2021
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