Zurück European Films make up around 25% of VoD films available in the EU

European Audiovisual Observatory has published a report on the origin of films and TV content in VoD catalogues in the EU & visibility of films

The composition of the 68 TVOD catalogues by films share of region of origin (October 2016)

The Strasbourg-based Observatory, part of the Council of Europe, examined the catalogues of 68 transactional VOD services in the European Union (such as Apple’s iTunes, Microsoft’s Movies, Wuaki.tv, Chili TV, SF Anytime and 14 additional national TVOD services). As the above pie chart shows, EU films made up 23% of the films available in the VoD catalogues, and other European films accounted for another 2%.

This recent study differs from the 2015 edition of the same study:  the current sample of 68 catalogues has a lower amount of national services and focuses more on pan-European and multi-country TVOD catalogues; this in return also affected the share of EU 28 films for the 68 TVOD catalogues. In particular,  the new edition includes Microsoft’s Movies catalogues in 14 countries, with a high share of US films.

Compared with TVOD services, the Observatory’s report states that EU films made up 19% of the films on offer in the 37 SVOD catalogues examined (28 Netflix country catalogues, Viaplay, C More and 4 national SVOD services) in the latest report.

The composition of the 37 SVOD catalogues by films share of region of origin (October 2016)

Compared with the previous 2015 edition of this report, the sample of SVOD catalogues examined passed from only 8 Netflix catalogues to 28. This in return affected the share of EU 28 films in SVOD catalogues as most of the newly integrated Netflix catalogues had a share below 16% of EU28 films

Changes in national SVOD services: The catalogues of Filmin (ES - with a share of 61% of EU28 films in October 2015), Kinoplex (PL – with a share of EU 28 films of 54% in October 2015) and Yomvi (ES – with a share of EU 28 films of 41% in October 2015) are not part of this year’s SVOD sample. In addition to 20 Netflix catalogues, this also affected the share of EU28 films for SVOD catalogues.

This report was drafted for DG CONNECT of the European Commission by Gilles Fontaine, Head of the Observatory’s Department for Market information, and Christian Grece, Analyst within this department.

News 13/06/2017
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