28 % aller Kinofilme im Fernsehen in Europa sind europäische Filme

05/12/2017 Aktuell

Europäische Audiovisuelle Informationsstelle veröffentlicht neue kostenlose Studie: Films on TV: Origin, age and circulation (Filme im Fernsehen – Herkunftsland, Alter und Verbreitung) Hier geht's zum kostenlosen Download dieses Berichts: Films on TV: Origin, age and circulation (auf Englisch) In...

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Kommerzielle Kommunikation in der Revision der AVMD-Richtlinie

23/11/2017 Nachrichten

Werbung ist für die europäische Gesetzgebung schon immer eine Herausforderung gewesen. Für den Gesetzgeber gilt es, den Anliegen und Bedürfnissen unterschiedlichster Stakeholder gerecht zu werden: beispielsweise den Lobbyisten für Kinderschutz, den Gesundheit- und Sicherheitsaktivisten und den...

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Griechenland ist wieder Mitglied der Europäischen Audiovisuellen Informationsstelle

20/11/2017 News

Die Informationsstelle, die ihren Sitz in Straßburg hat und zum Europarat gehört, hat soeben bekannt gegeben, dass Griechenland ihr wieder als Mitgliedstaat angehört. Griechenland hatte seine Mitgliedschaft aufgrund wirtschaftlicher Verwerfungen zum Januar dieses Jahres zurückgezogen. Dadurch...

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329 Kinderfernsehkanäle sind aktuell in Europa aktiv

12/10/2017 Nachrichten

Vor der Eröffnung des MIP Juniors, Europäische Audiovisuelle Informationsstelle veröffentlicht neuen Bericht zum Kinderfernsehen Diese Zahl stammt aus dem neuen Bericht der Europäischen Audiovisuellen Informationsstelle, der gratis zum Download bereitsteht: Children’s TV channels in Europe - Who...

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes results of its Brussels SATCAB workshop!

25/09/2017 News

Just ahead of forthcoming debates in the European Parliament a brand new report focuses on what’s at stake on copyright applicable to certain online transmissions of broadcasting organisations and retransmissions of television and radio programmes. A round-table workshop was held on 21 June in...

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On-demand: a new opportunity for film?

20/09/2017 News

The legal offer of VoD services in Russia grew by a massive 32% between 2015 and 2016. This is in spite of the fact that 2 out of 3 Russians reportedly consider that viewing and downloading pirated content is legal, according to a survey conducted by software company Irdeto. In addition, Russian...

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Convergence again? Cutting out the middle man in the audiovisual sector. Brussels conference on media convergence announced!

07/09/2017 News

Is increasing convergence in the media cutting out the middle man in content supply? Audiovisual content providers are now producing films and programmes themselves, and delivering straight to the consumer. This means that new internet-based players such as online video services, video sharing...

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The European Audiovisual Observatory adds the European Producers’ Club and the European Association for Viewer’s Interests to its Advisory Committee

31/07/2017 News

The European Audiovisual Observatory, part of the Council of Europe, has just added two new members to its Advisory Committee: the European Producers’ Club (EPC) and the European Association for Viewers’ Interests (EAVI). The EPC will be represented by its Managing Director, Alexandra Lebret...

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Media coverage of elections – the legal framework in Europe

18/07/2017 News

The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes its first ever free IRIS Special report on line! Law in the time of coverage… In times of elections and referenda, the media zoom in on the candidates, analysing their every word, move and minute gesture. In today’s 24/7 digital universe, the mass...

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73% of transactional VOD releases take place in countries where the film has also been released in cinemas

17/07/2017 News

New study explores the relation between theatrical and VOD distribution Download the report VOD distribution and the role of aggregators in English. A new report by the European Audiovisual Observatory explores the relation between theatrical and transactional VOD (TVOD) releases, pinpointing...

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VOD Aggregators - the new kids on the block of digital film distribution!

10/07/2017 News

New free report on their added value and functioning Download the report: VOD distribution and the role of aggregators Over the last years, VOD services have boomed, bringing about considerable changes, both for industry players and consumers. The VOD window is becoming more and more competitive...

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Exceptions and limitations to copyright

04/07/2017 News

The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes major new study – free to download Last September, Andrus Ansip, Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, talked about “transforming Europe's copyright rules in light of a new digital reality.” He outlined the multiple challenges concerning...

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new free study

Media freedom in Russia – how is this protected by law?

30/06/2017 News

In June 2010 the Russian Supreme Court adopted for the first time in its history a Resolution which provided ‘interpretive guidelines’ on which Russian judges could base their work in relation to mass media, editors and journalists. But how have these guidelines developed since 2010, particularly...

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One third of all television channels and on-demand services established in the EU specifically target foreign markets

26/06/2017 News

An increasing number of audiovisual media services target foreign national markets. Typically, these tend to be recently-emerged hubs from which broadcasters and on-demand service providers circulate services. In some cases these constitute a significant market power in the respective target...

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Only 16% of Europe’s film heritage collections has been digitised

22/06/2017 News

On the occasion of the opening of the Cinema Ritrovato festival – one of the major events for cinephiles across the world taking place every year in Bologna, Italy - the European Audiovisual Observatory has just released a new study on the access to film works contained in Europe’s Film Heritage...

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European films make up one third of all films promoted on VoD platforms in Europe

15/06/2017 News

European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new VoD study focusing on the visibility and promotion of films on VoD platforms Recent films (produced in 2015 or 2016) were allocated in average 93% of all available promotional spots[1]. The allocation of “promotional spots” is heavily concentrated:...

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UK TV programmes make up the lion’s share of EU TV content available on Netflix and iTunes, followed by France and Germany

14/06/2017 News

A. TV content in the catalogues of Netflix and Apple’s iTunes The main European countries of origin for EU 28 TV content in Netflix’s catalogues are the United Kingdom with 160 titles (or 44% of the total EU28 TV titles available in the 8 Netflix catalogues studied), France with 72 titles (20%)...

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European Films make up around 25% of VoD films available in the EU

13/06/2017 News

The composition of the 68 TVOD catalogues by films share of region of origin (October 2016) The Strasbourg-based Observatory, part of the Council of Europe, examined the catalogues of 68 transactional VOD services in the European Union (such as Apple’s iTunes, Microsoft’s Movies, Wuaki.tv, Chili...

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Cinema box office takings in the EU remained above EUR 7 billion in 2016 as admissions approached the magical 1 billion barrier

11/05/2017 News

EU gross box office fell slightly to EUR 7.04 billion in 2016, while admissions rose to 991 million – highest level in the EU since 2004 Family animation hits The Secret Life of Pets and Finding Dory topped the EU charts Market share for European films slightly down to 26.7% EU film production...

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