The circulation of EU non-national films - A sample study: Cinema, television and transactional video on-demand

16/02/2017 Christian Grèce

How do European films circulate in cinemas, TV and TVOD? This report presents an European overview and a country per country analysis of films exports and imports, including a focus on co-productions

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VOD distribution and the role of aggregators

24/05/2017 Authors: Gilles FONTAINE & Patrizia SIMONE, European Audiovisual Observatory

The exploitation of audiovisual works, and films in particular, is traditionally based on two pillars: a release windows chronology, mainly agreed upon on a contractual level, with theatres being the first (usually exclusive) window and a territory by territory exploitation of rights.

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Origin of films and TV content in VOD catalogues in the EU & Visibility of films on VOD services

04/04/2017 Author: Gilles FONTAINE & Christian GRECE, European Audiovisual Observatory

This study examines the presence of EU content in Video-on-Demand services.

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Linear and on-demand audiovisual media services in Europe 2015

11/07/2016 Authors: Gilles FONTAINE and Agnes SCHNEEBERGER, European Audiovisual Observatory

Focusing on the supply and circulation of TV channels and on-demand audiovisual media services in Europe, this new report outlines a) the country of origin of services b) the availability of services and c) those services targeting other countries.

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Media ownership: towards pan-European groups?

04/07/2016 Autoren: Gilles FONTAINE & Deirdre KEVIN, European Audiovisual Observatory

Dieser neuen Bericht konzentriert sich auf eine Auswahl der größten gesamteuropäischen Gruppen auf dem Rundfunk- und Vertriebsmarkt. Untersucht werden die wichtigsten Akteure auf diesem Markt, ihr geographischer Fußabdruck, ihre Position in einer Reihe von Märkten und ihre aktuelle Strategie in...

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Die Verbreitung von Filmen über VoD-Dienste und Kinos in der Europäischen Union: Eine vergleichende Analyse

16/06/2016 Autoren: Christian GRECE, Europäische Audiovisuelle Informationsstelle

Wie werden Filme über VoD-Dienste in der EU verbreitet? Wie werden Filme über Kinos in der EU verbreitet? Wie viele Kinofilme werden in VoD-Kataloge aufgenommen? Was ergibt ein Vergleich der Verbreitung über Kino bzw. VoD?

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Origin and availability of on-demand services in the European Union

12/04/2016 Author: Gilles FONTAINE and Agnes SCHNEEBERGER, European Audiovisual Observatory

This note provides an overall background of the on-demand audiovisual media services landscape by focusing on a) the availability of services in the EU28 and b) on the country of origin of services.

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Trends in linear television revenues

12/04/2016 Authors: Gilles FONTAINE, European Audiovisual Observatory

Linear audiovisual services increasingly tend to propose non-linear derived versions whose revenues are not necessarily accounted separately

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Trends in video-on-demand revenues

12/04/2016 Author: Christian GRECE and Laura CROCE, European Audiovisual Observatory

Total on demand revenues almost quadrupled from 2010 to 2014. This report focuses on the increase of revenues generated by the three main on-demand audiovisual services: TVOD, SVOD and TV VOD.

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Measurement of fragmented audiovisual audiences

16/03/2016 Author: Gilles FONTAINE and Christian GRECE / European Audiovisual Observatory

This report focuses on the most recent figures available for television and for online video viewing.

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