The circulation of European films outside Europe - Key figures 2016

Authors: Martin KANZLER, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 11/01/2018

This report focuses on the theatrical exploitation of European films outside Europe. It has to be kept in mind that the theatrical window is only one out of – broadly speaking – four market segments.TV, Video and VOD markets may also constitute relevant market potential for European films but cannot be quantified due to intransparency of corresponding consumption data.  More

Film production in Europe - Production volume, co-production and worldwide circulation

Authors: Julio TALAVERA, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 11/12/2017

The European Audiovisual Observatory covers closely any trend related to feature film production volume in Europe. Thanks to the data provided mostly by the national film or statistical centers in most European countries, we are able to produce pan-European statistics on a yearly basis on the evolution of production.  More

Films on TV: Origin, age and circulation – 2017 Edition

Authors: Gilles FONTAINE, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 16/11/2017

This brief provides an analysis of films programmed by a sample of TV channels in EU-countries.  More

Media Ownership: Children’s TV channels in Europe - Who are the key players?

Authors: Laura ENE, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 01/08/2017

This report focuses on portraying the children’s TV channels in terms of market offering, performance and major players.  More

Audiovisual services in Europe - Focus on services targeting other countries

Authors: Agnes SCHNEEBERGER, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 20/06/2017

Around one third of all audiovisual services based in the European Union (EU) are targeting other markets. Most of these were established in the United Kingdom.  More

VOD distribution and the role of aggregators

Authors: Gilles FONTAINE & Patrizia SIMONE, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 24/05/2017

The exploitation of audiovisual works, and films in particular, is traditionally based on two pillars: a release windows chronology, mainly agreed upon on a contractual level, with theatres being the first (usually exclusive) window and a territory by territory exploitation of rights.  More

The access to film works in the collections of Film Heritage Institutions in the context of education and research

Authors: Gilles FONTAINE & Patrizia SIMONE, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 24/05/2017

The present publication sets out to assess the volume of film works in the collections of European Film Heritage Institutions (FHIs) that are accessible for research and educational purposes. The scope of the study is two-pronged: on the one hand it seeks to determine the approximate volume of film works accessible for consultation by individual researchers. On the other hand, it aims at identifying how many film works are available for screenings with an educational purpose (i.e. screenings organised within school or university activities).  More

FOCUS - World Film Market Trends

Published: 18/05/2017

"Focus" contains all key figures of the film industry in the most important countries. It provides a concise analysis of results and tendencies country by country, together with recent figures.  More

Origin of films and TV content in VOD catalogues in the EU & Visibility of films on VOD services

Authors: Gilles FONTAINE & Christian GRECE, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 04/04/2017

This study examines the presence of EU content in Video-on-Demand services.  More

The online advertising market in the EU

Authors: Christian GRECE, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published: 04/04/2017

Update 2015 and Focus on programmatic advertising.  More

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