Take a virtual 360° look around the Observatory’s Headquarters in the magnificent Villa Schutzenberger. This art nouveau villa was built in 1900 for the Schutzenberger family by Strasbourg architects Berninger and Krafft.

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If you’re watching on your computer screen, don’t hesitate to use your “fullscreen” mode to enjoy the detail. To move forward in your visit, click on this symbol  and use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the image below.

If you’re on a smartphone with a virtual reality (VR) headset, you can also enjoy a full immersive experience of this visit.

  • To go into VR mode on your smartphone, click on the VR symbol in the virtual visit window below and when you see the first photo of the Observatory gates, click on this symbol  to split your screen in two. (You may have to authorize the rotation of your phone screen). Turn your phone on its side so that you get a horizontal image split in two.
  • You then put your smartphone in the VR headset and navigate by placing your cursor on the move forward symbol 

Step inside our headquarters by opening the iron gates!


Of course, the European Audiovisual Observatory’s headquarters is not the only Council of Europe building. Take a 360° tour of other magnificent structures such as the Council’s headquarters, the “Palais de l’Europe” or the European Court of Human Rights.

  • If you’re watching on a PC, use the button on the top left-hand side  in order to visit the other buildings of the Council of Europe.
  • And in VR mode, use the menu by looking down at your feet.
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Do you want to learn more about the history of the Villa Schutzenberger?

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The sky’s the limit if you have a VR headset. The internet is full of interesting websites and VR films. Why not have a look at this one for example:


It shows the 360° work of Pascal Renard, a photographer based in the Alsace region. You can enjoy his stunning views of Strasbourg Cathedral and then travel further afield to New York or the city of Petra, for example…


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