The Department for Legal Information analyses key legal issues linked to the audiovisual sector and reports on major legal developments and ground breaking cases which affect media legislation in Europe.


IRIS Extra 2022: Sanction law against Russian and Belarusian audiovisual media


This report provides information on legislative measures and case law in Ukraine and elsewhere in Eastern Europe (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Moldova) against audiovisual media from Russia and Belarus.

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IRIS Plus 2022-2: Investing in European works: the obligations on VOD providers

16/11/2022 Authors (in alphabetical order): Francisco Javier Cabrera Blázquez, Maja Cappello, Julio Talavera Milla, Sophie Valais

This report by the European Audiovisual Observatory describes the rules concerning financial obligations for VoD services in the EU with a close look to the national transposition of the AVMS Directive. (This is an updated version of the report originally published on 18/05/2022)

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IRIS Special 2022-1: New actors and risks in online advertising

21/07/2022 AUTHORS (IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER): Max van Drunen (editorial coordination) with Ilaria Buri, Martina Chapman, Eileen Culloty, Ronan Fahy, Alexandra Giannopoulou, Elena Gil González, Arlette Meiring, Joanna Strycharz, Claire ten Heuvelhof.

This new report provides a detailed examination of the current legal framework regulating online advertising.

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Overview tables - Promotion of European works


This annex to the IRIS Plus 2022-02 provides information, sources and links on the transposition of Articles 13, 16 and 17 of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive in EU, EFTA and the UK.

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IRIS Themes - Vol. III - Freedom of Expression, the Media and Journalists. Case-law of the European Court of Human Rights (2022 edition)

03/05/2022 AUTHORS: Dirk Voorhoof, Human Rights Centre, Ghent University and Legal Human Academy Ad van Loon, Charlotte Vier and Ronan Ó Fathaigh

This revised edition contains summaries of over 360 judgements or decisions by the Court and provides hyperlinks to the full text of each of the summarised judgements or decisions. The summaries included in the e-book can be retrieved from our legal database, IRIS Merlin.

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The implementation of EU sanctions against RT and Sputnik


This note explains the European legal background for suspension of the broadcasting of RT and Sputnik in the EU.

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Overview tables of governance safeguards of PSM in Europe

22/02/2022 AUTHORS (IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER): Erva Akin Kun, Amélie Lacourt, Justine Radel and Julio Talavera

This annex to the IRIS Plus 2022-01 provides overview tables on independence safeguards for governance of public service media in the 41 Observatory member states.

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IRIS Plus 2022-1: Governance and independence of public service media

22/02/2022 AUTHORS (IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER): Francisco Javier Cabrera Blázquez, Maja Cappello, Julio Talavera Milla, Sophie Valais

This new report looks at the various aspects of governance of public service media and its role in safeguarding the independence of PSM.

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IRIS Special 2021-2: Transparency of media ownership

22/02/2022 AUTHORS (IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER): Alexandros Antoniou, Amedeo Arena, Mark D. Cole, Christina Etteldorf, Roderick Flynn, Pascal Kamina, Carles Llorens, Roman Lukyanov, Marina Piolino, Jörg Ukrow, Krzysztof Wojciechowski, Lorna Woods, Sebastian Zeitzmann

This publication aims at providing some clarity about how the transparency of media ownership is regulated in Europe.

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IRIS Plus 2021-2: Media regulatory authorities and the challenges of cooperation

08/02/2022 AUTHORS (IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER) Francisco Javier Cabrera Blázquez, Géraldine Denis, Emmanuelle Machet, Beth McNulty

The report examines the current challenges facing National Regulatory Authorities and asks how cooperation between the various NRAs can strengthen their mission.

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