European Audiovisual Observatory updates LUMIERE VOD directory with new data

40 000 European film titles currently available on 367 VOD services in Europe

12 October 2020 Strasbourg, France

The updated directory provides data on the presence of 41 550 European film titles in 367 different VOD catalogues, representing 472 180 film presences at the end of August 2020.

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European Audiovisual Observatory announces online conference

Assessing and labelling the nationality of European audiovisual works

29 September 2020 Strasbourg, France

Defining the nationality of audiovisual works can be a key to success! Join this free webinar on 15th October to discover how do we do this in Europe and what approaches are adopted by the various member countries of the EU.

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The European Audiovisual Oservatory publishes a round-up of COVID-19 measures

New IRIS Plus report: The European audiovisual industry in the time of COVID-19.

22 September 2020 Strasbourg, France

The world is currently experiencing a classic nightmare scenario most thought would remain confined to films and TV series: a global pandemic. This new report offers a clear comparative overview of support measures in Europe to carry the audiovisual sector through this crisis.

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes state of the art on European media law

Which EU countries have transposed the AVMSD into national legislation?

18 September 2020 Strasbourg, France

The 19 September 2020 is the deadline set by the European Commission for the transposition of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive into the national legislation of each EU Member State. Read our tabulated research to find out the state of play in each country.

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European Audiovisual Observatory announces an online Focus Session hosted by the German Minister of State for Culture and the Media under the auspices of the German EU Presidency

Regulation and Responsibility of Video-Sharing Platforms

15 September 2020 Strasbourg, France

EU Member States are up against a close deadline to adopt the rules contained in the AVMSD, revised in autumn 2018. Join this online Focus Session on the regulation and responsibility of video-sharing platforms on Thursday 24 September 2020, 11.00-12.30 CET.

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes a new report on the production and circulation of European high-end fiction series

European high-end fiction series: State of play and trends

10 September 2020 Strasbourg, France

The production of high-end television series is growing, and this new free study explores the trends and state of play in Europe.

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We’re announcing our autumn collection of new reports and events

Film, television and VOD in Europe - what’s new this autumn?

01 September 2020 Strasbourg, France

Read on for information about our new autumn collection of free reports, newsletters and analyses of the film, television and VOD industries in Europe: both from an economic and legal point of view.

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European Audiovisual Observatory releases new report on copyright licensing rules in the European Union

28 July 2020 Strasbourg, France

The application of copyright rules attached to audiovisual works and their exploitation along the value chain are becoming increasingly complex. This new and very timely copyright report provides a pathfinder’s thread through European copyright rules.

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The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new report on the gender of directors and screenwriters in European film and audiovisual fiction.

Women represent less than one film director out of four in Europe

31 July 2020 Strasbourg, France

This report provides an assessment of the gender imbalance among directors and screenwriters in Europe, looking at both feature films and audiovisual fiction series.

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New mapping report by the European Audiovisual Observatory

How does Europe define the nationality of a film or TV programme?

19 June 2020 Strasbourg, France

Nationality is key for the eligibility both to financing through film funds and for investment and share obligations of public and private AVMS providers. This report aims to provide a complete picture of the rules defining the nationality of an AV work in Europe.

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The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes its cinema figures for 2019

EU box office topped 1 billion admissions and EUR 7.2 billion GBO in 2019

18 June 2020 Strasbourg, France

The Observatory has published its annual cinema round-up for 2019. An initial overview of the first half of 2020 is planned after the summer. These figures are taken from the 2020 edition of FOCUS – World Film Market Trends, which is prepared annually for the Marché du Film.

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European Audiovisual Observatory announces COVID-19 documentary and live expert chat at this year’s Cannes Marché du Film online

11 June 2020 Strasbourg, France

What are the effects of COVID-19 on the film, TV and VOD industries? Join us at the Cannes Marché du Film online for our documentary and live expert chat on Tuesday 23 June from 17.00 – 18.00 (CET). This is a public online event open to all. Registration information in the article.

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New IRIS Themes study reports on ECHR case law in the field of press freedom in Europe

Press freedom in Europe - how is the European Court of Human Rights protecting journalists and their freedom to report?

07 May 2020 Strasbourg, France

This fifth edition of IRIS Themes covers cases concerning freedom of expression, and media and journalistic freedom brought before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg from 1994 to 2019.

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The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new Key Trends 2019/2020 report.

Understanding the audiovisual sector and its key trends before COVID-19 to better anticipate its impact.

23 April 2020 Strasbourg, France

Key Trends is the Observatory’s yearly digest of what’s hot in European media: TV, film and VOD. It offers a readable round-up of the key data from Observatory research. The authors drill down into recent trends and hot issues.

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new report on audiovisual services in Europe

Over 11,000 TV channels were available in Europe in 2019

09 April 2020 Strasbourg, France

This new report provides an overview of the supply of services (TV channels and on-demand) available in the European audiovisual media landscape.

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We’re tracking covid-19 support measures for the audiovisual sector

06 April 2020 Strasbourg, France

The COVID-19 crisis is producing unprecedented challenges for the AV sector. Governments and industry bodies are bringing in measures to support the industries and their professionals during this time. We are tracking these measures in 41 different countries as well as pan-European initiatives.

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes a new free report on the Production of TV fiction in Europe

Over 1 000 TV fiction titles and seasons produced each year in Europe

24.March 2020 Strasbourg, FRANCE

Just before the launch of the digital Series Mania online forum, the Observatory has released its latest figures on the production of TV and streaming fiction in Europe. This new report finds that, over 1 000 titles and 13 000 hours of audiovisual fiction were produced in the EU in 2018. 

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The European Audiovisual Observatory has just released its analysis of the promotion of films and TV content by 52 TVOD services in 7 European countries

24% of films promoted by TVOD services are European

12 March 2020 Strasbourg, France

This report looks at the origin of content promoted, the intensity and concentration of promotion, the relative share of films and TV content.

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new free report on the theatrical circulation of European films outside Europe in 2018

Admissions to European films outside Europe dropped by 15% in 2018 due to lack of European blockbusters in China

03/03/2020 Strasbourg, France

The study looks at the volume and the theatrical performance of European films in 15 non-European sample markets, including North America, six Latin American markets, five Asian markets, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

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EU cinema attendance up by 5.5% in 2019, showing best result since 2004

25/02/2020 Strasbourg, France

On the occasion of the 70th Berlin International Film Festival, the Obervatory releases its first estimates for European cinema attendance in 2019. After two years of decrease, estimates show that total admissions in the EU increased by 5.5% thus breaking through the 1 billion barrier.

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