Mapping of the regulation and assessment of the nationality of European audiovisual works


Nationality is key for eligibility both to financing through film funds and for investment and share obligations of public and private AVMS providers. This mapping report aims to provide a complete picture of the legal frameworks and current practices in the EU to define the nationality of AV works.

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Mapping of film and audiovisual public funding criteria in the EU


This latest mapping report tracks over 800 schemes of public national/federal and regional film and audiovisual funds in the EU in order to provide the big picture of film funding criteria in Europe today.

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Mapping of national rules for the promotion of European works in Europe


This mapping report contains a description of the initiatives and rules in the 31 EFADs member countries (EU-28, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland) and provides an overview of the “regulatory mix” in each of these countries, with a comparative analysis and a set of national factsheets for each of them.

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Mapping of licensing systems for audiovisual media services in EU-28


This study aims to identify trends, gaps, and loopholes, but also best practices and good examples of what has been put in place by member states with regard to the procedural rules to be followed by audiovisual media services providers wanting to offer their services in a given country.

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Mapping of media literacy practices and actions in EU-28


This study aims at analysing the various media literacy initiatives on a national or regional level in order to provide an overview of what is currently being undertaken. This is the first major mapping exercise to survey the field in Europe.

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Analysis of the implementation of the provisions contained in the AVMSD concerning the protection of minors


This report examines the issue of protection of minors in the EU28 and looks specifically at the implementation approaches of the AVMS Directive with regard to the following aspects concerning the protection of minors in audiovisual media services: classification systems; definitions of harmful...

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