European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new free report on the financing of European fiction films

How is European fiction financed? New comprehensive sample analysis gives the insights…

19/12/2018 Strasbourg

Based on the actual budget analysis of 445 European live-action fiction films released in 2016, this is probably the largest pan-European data sample available to date on the financing of European fiction films.

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New report analysing online video sharing published by the European Audiovisual Observatory

YouTube and Facebook together net over 50% of the online video advertising market

06/12/2018 Strasbourg

This new report presents the evolution of online video sharing platforms, the main players, and their relationships with the programme creators. It focuses on the use of video sharing platforms and their business models, and analyses the potential impact of these platforms on the audiovisual sector.

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Click on each new day in December for an Observatory report, presentation or film!

Advent Calendar 2018

01/12/2018 Strasbourg

From now until the 24th of December, each new day gives you a great piece of market or legal analysis!

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The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes the 2018/2019 edition of its Yearbook on line!

Pay-TV and Subscription VoD in Europe on the up, television viewing and Blu-ray sales in Europe slump

22/11/2018 Strasbourg

This database provides comparative European data on film, television, on-demand and physical video in 41 countries. The country by country comparative Pan-European tables are downloadable in Excel form. Downloadable country profiles are also included.

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Major new research report on European cinema just published!

VoD, gender equality in cinema and cash rebates for film production…

20/11/2018 Strasbourg

This brand new research report on European cinema is edited by the Observatory and features 21 articles on 7 different topics. It contains content by 10 agencies, members of EFARN - the European Film Agencies Research Network - and marks the 15th anniversary of this unique film research network.

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The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes major new study on foreign media ownership rules in Russia

Who wants a share of the Russian media pie?

15/11/2018 Strasbourg

Russian media markets have flourished since the early nineties and foreign investors want to get a slice of this increasingly lucrative pie. But how do the Russian authorities view this? And how has Russian legislation reacted to safeguard against unwanted outside influence in Russian mass media?

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Brexit conference in Brussels announced!

Brexit - impact, challenges and chances for the European audiovisual sector

13/11/ 2018 Strasbourg

How will Brexit affect the television, film and VoD sectors in Europe? Will the much quoted exodus of media companies from the UK actually happen? This free entry public conference in Brussels on 27th November will focus on these and other issues.

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The European Audiovisual Observatory presents its latest report on the “Exploitation of catalogue films in the EU”.

12% of all films released in the EU are at least 10 years old. New study explores the volume of catalogue films in the EU in cinemas, TV and VOD

18/10/2018 Strasbourg

This new report provides an overview of the commercial exploitation of so-called “catalogue titles” across the three main distribution windows (theatrical release, VOD and television channels), including data on age, origin and circulation of these films

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new free report on supply of audiovisual media services in Europe with focus on localised, targeting and language offers.

One third of all audiovisual media services established in the EU exist as locally adapted versions

16/10/2018 Strasbourg

Based on data gathered in the Observatory’s MAVISE database, this report provides an overview of the European audiovisual media landscape by looking at the origin of linear and pay-on-demand audiovisual services and their circulation from three complementary angles.

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The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes a new report on the TV news channels in Europe

67% of all TV news channels in Europe are owned by media groups which only have one news channel in their portfolio

04/10/2018 Strasbourg

This new report provides an overview of the TV news channel landscape in Europe. It quantifies the offer of TV news channels in Europe, analysing their typology, assessing their availability, and identifying where they are established.

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new free mapping report on 28 EU countries

How are audiovisual media services licenced in Europe today?

26/09/2018 Strasbourg

TV programmes and films are now available to the viewer via a dizzying number of delivery channels. But what are the challenges concerning the licensing of this new generation of content delivery services? This report aims at filling the evident knowledge gap in the area of licensing systems.

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new legal analysis of European media law

How does Europe fight #fakenews?

20/09/2018 Strasbourg

Separating the facts from the fiction in today’s media is becoming mission impossible. So what rules and initiatives exist in Europe to help ensure the accuracy and objectivity of news and current affairs reporting?

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Get 15 years of international film industry data free on line!

FOCUS World Film Market Trends - Back issues free on line now!

14/09/2018 Strasbourg

In a single handy volume FOCUS gives you all the key data - market shares, ticket prices, screen numbers and so much more - for each major cinema territory. And now you'll find all back issues as far as 2003 free on line!

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The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new free report on the origin of films in VOD catalogues

European films make up 20% of the subscription VOD catalogues, and 85% of European films available on SVOD are non-national

30/08/2018 Strasbourg

This new report gives a valuable overview of the composition of VOD catalogues in the EU. In total, 74 TVOD and SVOD catalogues are covered by this year’s report, with a focus on pan-European and multi-country services for TVOD catalogues.

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European Audiovisual Observatory announces St. Petersburg conference this autumn!

Conference: Challenges and chances for the Russian film industry

07/08/2018 Strasbourg

What’s new in Europe's fifth biggest cinema market? For several years now Russia has been a major economic player in film production and exploitation and in September we take the pulse of the current Russian cinema industry and look at the challenges and chances offered by this dynamic film market.

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European Audiovisual Observatory announces Athens conference this autumn!

Conference: Licensing in the new audiovisual media context

31/07/2018 Strasbourg

What are the challenges of licensing VOD services, IPTV, OTT and satellite services in our brave new digital world? Find out by joining us this September in Athens where we are organising a public conference on licensing procedures concerning audiovisual media services.

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new legal report

Video Sharing Platforms – who’s making the rules and how do they apply?

12/07/2018 Strasbourg

With last week’s announcement that Instagram has just launched a new video sharing platform - IGTV – it’s clear that VSPs are this season’s hot topic. But what rules do they have to respect? How does European law define their roles and responsibilities? High time then for this new report.

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New Brexit report from the European Audiovisual Observatory

29% of all European TV channels are based in the UK

28/06/2018 Strasbourg

The UK represents a massive 21% of the European TV market 1,203 TV channels out of 3,005 in the EU (28) are based in the UK The UK is the second largest exporter (after France) of film titles exported to other EU28 countries for projection in cinemas and broadcast on TV.

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European Audiovisual Observatory releases its cinema figures just before the Cannes Film Festival

EU gross box office topped EUR 7 billion in 2017 for third year running

04/05/2018 Strasbourg

Based on provisional data, cumulative GBO in the EU Member States topped the EUR 7 billion benchmark once again, reaching an estimated EUR 7.02 billion in 2017. While dropping 0.3% on the previous year, this still represents – not adjusted for inflation – the third highest level ever recorded.

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Film data from the Europen Audiovisual Observatory’s Key Trends publication – now free on line for the first time

28% of films on TV are European

03/05/2018 Strasbourg

This 72-page report gives a digestible overview of the film, VOD and television sectors in Europe, covering 41 countries.

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