Female directors in European cinema - key figures 2019


This report aims at helping to quantify the gender imbalance among film directors in Europe. It first provides a general overview of the gender of directors of European films. Then, it looks at the volume and share of films by gender of director, including information on film genres.

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Fiction film financing in Europe: big picture book

05/09/2019 Author: Martin Kanzler, Film Industry Analyst, Department for Market Information, European Audiovisual Observatory

Fact-based insights on the financing of theatrical fiction films in Europe. Or, who - from a pan-European perspective - finances European fiction film production? Providing stakeholders with 'big picture' insights this study contributes to informed discussions on the future of European film-making.

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The theatrical - TVOD window. A sample analysis

24/06/2019 Author: Gilles Fontaine, Head of Department for Market Information

A sample analysis of the theatrical-TVOD windows in 5 European countries

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The circulation of European films outside Europe - Key figures 2017

10/05/2019 Authors: Martin Kanzler, Film Analyst, and Patrizia Simone, Film Analyst, Department for Market Information

An analysis of the theatrical exploitation of European films outside Europe, including country profiles of the main export countries.

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The visibility of audiovisual works on TVOD - 2018 Edition

10/05/2019 Author: Gilles Fontaine, Head of Department for Market Information

Latest figures on the promotion of films and TV content by transactional VOD services

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Films in VOD catalogues -Origin, Circulation, Age – 2018 Edition

10/05/2019 Author: Christian Grece, European Television and On-demand Audiovisual Markets Analyst

Latest figures on the origin, circulation in Europe and age of films in TVOD and SVOD catalogues in Europe.

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Yearbook 2018/2019 - Key trends


This fourth edition of the 'Key trends' Yearbook offers a broad array of insights and data on the European audiovisual market. The focus this year is on Italy - Presidency country of the Observatory in 2019 .

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From cinema to VOD: a case study of recent films

18/03/2019 Author: Gilles Fontaine

New analysis from the Observatory on the release of films in cinemas and on VOD. Focusing on recent films, the analysis addresses research questions such as: What is the status of “films” in VOD catalogues as regards their release in cinemas?

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Fiction film financing in Europe: A sample analysis of films released in 2016

18/12/2018 Author: Martin Kanzler, Film Industry Analyst, Department for Market Information European Audiovisual Observatory

This report is the result of a collaboration between the European Audiovisual Observatory and the European Film Agency Research Network (EFARN). It aims to provide figures on European theatrical fiction film funding, offering a pan-European perspective to complement work done at national levels.

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EFARN Research Highlights 2018

13/11/2018 Authors: The members of EFARN

The EFARN brings together researchers actively involved in the collection, analysis and publication of data on the European film industry. This 15th anniversary publication presents a selection of studies from its members, giving an overview of current research topics, from VOD to gender statistics.

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