Back Mapping of media literacy practices and actions in EU-28

Mapping of media literacy practices and actions in EU-28

Link to download the report: Mapping of media literacy practices and actions in EU-28

A project conducted by the European Audiovisual Observatory and financed by the European Commission

This study aims at analysing the various media literacy initiatives on a national or regional level in order to provide an overview of what is currently being undertaken. This is the first major mapping exercise to survey the field in Europe.

Although this study does not aim at covering the entire media literacy initiatives, it provides a detailed overview of the main trends, coming out of a selection of 547 featured projects involving 939 stakeholders across the European Union, which were identified through a questionnaire addressed at national experts from the different EU-28 member states.

So what is Europe doing to encourage our media literacy? What measures are being taken at national and European levels to foster our critical appreciation and understanding of the mass media?

The results of this study can be found in a general report accompanied by 4 annexes:

  • Annex 1 provides national summaries showing the findings of the responses concerning each of the 28 EU member states;
  • Annex 2 contains the list of the 547 featured projects;
  • Annex 3 summarises the 145 case-study projects;
  • Annex 4 contains the original responses from the 29 national experts, which are accessible in separate files available on the website of the European Commission.

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