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Cinema attendance in the EU drops in 2018

07/02/2019 Strasbourg

On the occasion of the 69th Berlin International Film Festival the Observatory releases its first estimates for European cinema attendance in 2018. After three years of above average levels, the Observatory estimates that total admissions in the EU decreased by 3.0% to 955 million tickets sold.

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European Audiovisual Observatory releases new European film report

The legal framework for international co-productions

29/01/2019 Strasbourg

Research suggests that co-production films travel better than their national equivalents, crossing borders and reaching more international audiences. But co-productions can be risky. This report looks at the legal safeguards and frameworks which provide some ground rules for co-productions in Europe

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European Audiovisual Observatory releases new report about the regulation of on-line media services

IRIS Special 2018-2 Media law enforcement without frontiers

23.01.2019 Strasbourg

Regulating media services in this digital world ‘sans frontiers’ is an extremely complex challenge. High time, then, for our latest up-date on where media legislation stands.

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BREXIT in the context of the audiovisual industry and regulation

This year (of all years) we focused on BREXIT, raising the questions of the possible consequences for the European audiovisual industries, both from an economic and legal point of view. The conference took place in Brussels on 27th November 2018.
You will find all films and publications relating to the conference here.

Featured publication Featured publication

Online video sharing: Offerings, audiences, economic aspects

This report attempts to give an overview of the state of current legislation at European and national level. It includes the latest regulatory initiatives, the most recent developments around the case law of courts and other bodies and also outlines the self-regulatory initiatives of the industry.

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