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The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes major new Brexit study

Brexit: The impact on the audiovisual sector

18/12/ 2018 Strasbourg

As Europe moves inexorably towards midnight on the 29th of March 2019, when the UK will effectively leave the European Union, each sector of industry in Europe is anxiously trying to evaluate and anticipate the consequences. The audiovisual industries – film, television and VOD – are no exception.

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New report analysing online video sharing published by the European Audiovisual Observatory

YouTube and Facebook together net over 50% of the online video advertising market

06/12/2018 Strasbourg

This new report presents the evolution of online video sharing platforms, the main players, and their relationships with the programme creators. It focuses on the use of video sharing platforms and their business models, and analyses the potential impact of these platforms on the audiovisual sector.

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Advent Calendar 2018

01/12/2018 Strasbourg

From now until the 24th of December, each new day gives you a great piece of market or legal analysis!

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BREXIT in the context of the audiovisual industry and regulation

This year (of all years) we focused on BREXIT, raising the questions of the possible consequences for the European audiovisual industries, both from an economic and legal point of view. The conference took place in Brussels on 27th November 2018.
You will find all films and publications relating to the conference here.

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Video Sharing Platforms - who's making the rules and how do they apply?

This report attempts to give an overview of the state of current legislation at European and national level. It includes the latest regulatory initiatives, the most recent developments around the case law of courts and other bodies and also outlines the self-regulatory initiatives of the industry.

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