Online conference: Assessing and labelling the nationality of European audiovisual works

Strasbourg, France 15th October 2020
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15th October 10.00-12.00 - Maja Cappello, Head of the Observatory’s Department for Legal Information acted as moderator for this online conference. 

How do we determine the nationality of a film or TV programme? The nationality of an audiovisual work can unlock funding. It can also open doors to the inclusion of film or TV content in broadcast or VOD quotas within Europe. With the revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) and deadline for its implementation which just passed, the share obligations for European works on on-demand services has been reinforced. So defining nationality can be a key to success! How do we do this in Europe? And what are the different approaches adopted by the various member countries of the EU?

The event brought together representatives from industry players such as Netflix, Canal+ and Vodafone, interest groups such as CEPI and EFAD, the Belgian CSA and ISAN (International Standard Audiovisual Number).

Francisco Cabrera Blazquez, Observatory Senior Legal Analyst presented the overall results, trends and common patterns at national level.

Julio Talavera Milla, Film and Audiovisual Analyst at the Observatory, provided a round-up of industry stakeholders approaches taken from the Observatory’s Mapping report.

This free to access webinar was organised by the European Audiovisual Observatory at the request of the European Commission.

   Watch the conference replay here: Assessing and labelling the nationality of European audiovisual works 

   "Of apples and pears: the concepts of "nationality" and "European works"" A Presentation by Observatory Senior Legal Analyst, Francisco Cabrera Blazquez

    "Stakeholders, identifiers and databases" A presentation by Observatory Film and Audiovisual Analyst, Julio Talavera Milla

Conference agenda Report: "Mapping of the regulation and assessment of the nationality of European audiovisual works"

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