European high-end fiction series. State of play and trends


The production of high-end television series is growing, and this new free study explores the trends and state of play in Europe.

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Female directors and screenwriters in European film and audiovisual fiction production

15/07/2020 Authors: Gilles Fontaine, Patrizia Simone

This report looks at the presence of female directors and screenwriters in film and audiovisual fiction and analyses their level of activity, including information on film genres and audiovisual formats.

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Yearbook 2019/2020 - Key trends


This 5th edition of "key trends" offers a selection of over 30 topics which we believe indicate the most significant trends affecting the European audiovisual market. It provides a mix of analysis and key data, extracted from our 2019 activities involving reports and databases.

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Audiovisual fiction production in the European Union - 2019 edition


This new report provides an analysis of the production of audiovisual fiction in the European Union in 2018. The report is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

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The visibility of audiovisual works on TVOD

12/03/2020 Author: Gilles Fontaine

This report is an analysis of the promotion of films and TV content by 52 TVOD services in 7 European countries. It looks at the origin of the content promoted, the intensity and concentration of promotion, and the relative share of films and TV content.

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Supply of audiovisual media services in Europe: MAVISE insights - 2019

17/02/2020 Author: Laura Ene, European Audiovisual Observatory

Based on the analysis of 2019 insights from the MAVISE database, this publication provides an overview of the European audiovisual media landscape as regards the supply of services from several perspectives.

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Film and TV content in VOD catalogues - 2019 edition

26/11/2019 Authors: Christian Grece and Marta Jiménez Pumares, TV and VOD Analysts, European Audiovisual Observatory

This report aims to provide a global insight into the composition of VOD catalogues in Europe, looking at both film and TV content.

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Audiovisual media in Europe: insights from the MAVISE database

08/10/2019 Author: Agnes Schneeberger, European Audiovisual Observatory

Based on data analyses of 2018 data from the MAVISE database, this publication provides an overview of the European audiovisual media landscape from three different perspectives.

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First feedback from the implementation of the Portability Regulation by free online video services

08/07/2019 Author: Marta Jiménez Pumares, European Audiovisual Observatory

This study aims to show the degree to which the Portability Regulation is being implemented by free online video services since its entry into force a year ago.

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The theatrical - TVOD window. A sample analysis

24/06/2019 Author: Gilles Fontaine, European Audiovisual Observatory

A sample analysis of the theatrical-TVOD windows in 5 European countries

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