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The export of European films on SVOD outside Europe

25/09/2019 Author: Christian Grece, European Audiovisual Observatory

The aim of this report is to give a picture of the export of EU films on SVOD services outside of the European Union. 79 SVOD services in 21 countries worldwide are part of the sample.

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Fiction film financing in Europe: big picture book

05/09/2019 Author: Martin Kanzler, Film Industry Analyst, Department for Market Information, European Audiovisual Observatory

Fact-based insights on the financing of theatrical fiction films in Europe. Or, who - from a pan-European perspective - finances European fiction film production? Providing stakeholders with 'big picture' insights this study contributes to informed discussions on the future of European film-making.

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First feedback from the implementation of the Portability Regulation by free online video services

08/07/2019 Author: Marta Jiménez Pumares, European Audiovisual Observatory

This study aims to show the degree to which the Portability Regulation is being implemented by free online video services since its entry into force a year ago.

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The theatrical - TVOD window. A sample analysis

24/06/2019 Author: Gilles Fontaine, European Audiovisual Observatory

A sample analysis of the theatrical-TVOD windows in 5 European countries

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The internationalisation of TV audience markets in Europe

14/06/2019 Author: Agnes Schneeberger, European Audiovisual Observatory

This report examines the increasing internationalisation of the European TV sector from three different angles : concentration and fragmentation tendencies in national audience markets, the market power of non-domestic TV channels in national markets, and the growing footprint of US groups.

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Pay AV services in Europe: the state of play

29/05/2019 Author: Laura Ene, European Audiovisual Observatory

An analysis of the pay audiovisual services market with a keen eye on the interactions between pay-TV and SVOD.

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FOCUS 2019 - World Film Market Trends.

14/05/2019 Authors : Film analysts - Department for Market information

Already in its 22nd edition the FOCUS is commissioned from the European Audiovisual Observatory by the film market organiser at the Cannes Film Festival, the Marché du Film.

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The circulation of European films outside Europe - Key figures 2017

10/05/2019 Author: Martin Kanzler, European Audiovisual Observatory

An analysis of the theatrical exploitation of European films outside Europe, including country profiles of the main export countries.

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The visibility of audiovisual works on TVOD - 2018 Edition

10/05/2019 Author: Gilles Fontaine, European Audiovisual Observatory

Latest figures on the promotion of films and TV content by transactional VOD services

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TV content in VOD catalogues - 2018 Edition

10/05/2019 Author: Gilles Fontaine, European Audiovisual Observatory

Latest figures on the origin and circulation of TV content in TVOD and SVOD catalogues

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