The Department for Market Information provides statistical and economic analysis of the trends in the European cinema, television, video and internet sectors. It also produces intelligence on the means of financing of these various sectors.


Public Funding for Film and Audiovisual Works in Europe

01/10/2012 Author: Susan Newman-Baudais, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published in October 2011, Public Funding for Film and Audiovisual Works in Europe focuses on film funds in 37 European countries operating at pan-European, national and sub-national levels and looks at their activities in support of film, television and new media. The report provides detailed...

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The theatrical export of European films

01/09/2012 Author: Martin KANZLER, European Audiovisual Observatory

Key Statistics and sample analysis of the distribution of European films in 10 non-European markets. Report in English with an Executive Summary in English, French and German.

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The European Digital Cinema Report

11/07/2012 Authors: Martin Kanzler, European Audiovisual Observatory & Elisabetta Brunella, MEDIA Salles

This report provides the latest figures on digital screens and penetration rates across Europe and goes beyond them to explain the historical development of digitisation: it discusses the main reasons why roll-out did not happen for over a decade before finally entering the mainstream deployment...

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Video on demand and catch-up TV in Europe


Audiovisual on-demand services have multiplied in Europe. The landscape of the services has become very fragmented and is showing very rapid evolution. This report gives an exhaustive and up-to-date overview of the different types of on-demand audiovisual services the time. It also shows the...

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The Theatrical Circulation of European Live Action Children's Films in Europe 2000 – 2008

24/06/2009 Authors: Martin Kanzler & Susan Newman-Baudais, European Audiovisual Observatory

Published in 2009 in collaboration with the KIDS Regio subgroup of Cine Regio, the European network of regional film funds, this report looked at the production, theatrical performance and circulation of live action feature films for children produced and distributed in Europe between 2000 and 2008.

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The Circulation of European Co-productions and Entirely National Films in Europe

11/09/2008 Authors: Martin Kanzler in collaboration with Susan Newman-Baudais and André Lange, European Audiovisual Observatory

This study analyses the circulation and performance of European co-productions and compares them to entirely national European films, both inside and outside their national markets. A sample of 5 414 films with theatrical release during the period 2001 to 2007 in 20 European markets are examined,...

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Public Funding for Film and Audiovisual Works in Europe - A Comparative Approach

01/09/2008 Author: Lange A. & Westcott T., OBS with the collaboration of Newman S. (OBS) and Debande O. (EIB)

The European film and audiovisual sector lays back to a large extend on financing from public sources. The structure of these public funding sources are complex and diverse. Most professionals, even specialised in financing, don't have a real overview over all or even most of the sources. With...

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Video on Demand in Europe - Second survey of VoD services as of January 2008


After a first study on the VoD scene in Europe carried out in 2006 by NPA Conseil, this survey is an attempt to draw up a general description of the European VoD landscape, i. e. the offer of VoD programmes and markets in Europe, updated to the end of 2007.

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Public Aid Mechanisms for the Film and the Audiovisual Industry in Europe


This report draws on an in-depth study carried out by the National Cinematographic Centre in Paris and the European Audiovisual Observatory and provides information on the sums of money distributed. The whole landscape of public support systems for the cinema and audiovisual industries is...

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Video on Demand in Europe


This report provides a comprehensive picture of video on demand in 24 European countries as of early 2007 and includes descriptions of 150 operational services. A survey of VoD services in each of these countries yields a framework for across-the-board analysis. Although VoD is still an emerging...

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