The Department for Market Information provides statistical and economic analysis of the trends in the European cinema, television, video and internet sectors. It also produces intelligence on the means of financing of these various sectors.


Yearbook 2016 - Key trends


The second edition of this publication provides the analysis and intelligence necessary to gain a comprehensive overview of recent key trends in the audiovisual sector. It includes a focus on Poland, the Observatory Presidency country in 2017.

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The Circulation of European Films Outside Europe in 2015

15/12/2016 Authors: Martin KANZLER, European Audiovisual Observatory

This report focuses on the theatrical exploitation of European films outside Europe. Theatrical window is only one out of – broadly speaking – four market segments.

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Films on television: Origin, age and circulation

14/10/2016 Authors: Gilles FONTAINE, European Audiovisual Observatory

This brief provides an analysis of films programmed by a sample of 125 TV channels from 17 European Union (EU) countries for two seasons: 2011‐2012 and 2014‐2015.

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Public financing for film and television content – The state of soft money in Europe

07/10/2016 Authors: Gilles Fontaine, Julio Talavera, Martin Kanzler, European Audiovisual Observatory

The report covers the 4 existing public support mechanisms designed to foster the film and audiovisual sectors, defining the characteristics and current use of each: public funds, fiscal incentives, obligations for broadcasters to invest in film and audiovisual content and guarantee facilities.

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Film Production and Co-Production in Russia, and the Export of Russian Films Abroad

22/09/2016 Authors: Nevafilm Research / European Audiovisual Observatory

The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes a new report edited by Nevafilm Research: "Film Production and Co-Production in Russia, and the Export of Russian Films Abroad". The report takes the pulse of the Russian cinema industry and looks at its capacity to co-produce with other countries,...

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The Exploitation of Film Heritage Works in the Digital Era

20/09/2016 Author: Gilles FONTAINE & Patrizia SIMONE, European Audiovisual Observatory

The European Audiovisual Observatory has released a study - commissioned by the European Union - on film heritage works and their presence online.

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Linear and on-demand audiovisual media services in Europe 2015

11/07/2016 Authors: Gilles FONTAINE and Agnes SCHNEEBERGER, European Audiovisual Observatory

Focusing on the supply and circulation of TV channels and on-demand audiovisual media services in Europe, this new report outlines a) the country of origin of services b) the availability of services and c) those services targeting other countries.

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Media ownership: towards pan-European groups?

04/07/2016 Authors: Gilles FONTAINE and Deirdre KEVIN, European Audiovisual Observatory

Focusing on a selection of major pan-European groups in both the broadcast and the distribution markets, this new report outlines some of the key players, their geographical footprint, their position in a range of markets, and their most recent strategies regarding expansion, acquisition and...

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How do films circulate on VOD services and in cinemas in the European Union?

16/06/2016 Authors: Christian GRECE, European Audiovisual Observatory

How do films circulate on EU VOD services? How do films circulate in EU cinemas? How many theatrical release films make it to VOD? How does circulation in cinemas and VOD compare?

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FOCUS 2016 - World Film Market Trends

01/05/2016 Authors : Martin Kanzler & Julio Talavera

The FOCUS 2016 presents the latest trends on all the major film markets around the world regarding film production and distribution as well as admissions.

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