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IRIS Special 2005: Tomorrow's Delivery of Audiovisual Services - Legal Questions Raised by Digital Broadcasting and Mobile Reception

01/12/2005 Authors: Susanne Nikoltchev (Ed.), European Audiovisual Observatory

After taking stock of developments on the television market generally, this IRIS Special begins with a description of how digital terrestrial television has developed and the different services that have become possible as a result of digitalisation. It then goes on to look at those aspects of...

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IRIS Plus 2005-5: Application of EC Competition Policy regarding Agreements and State Aid in the Audiovisual Field

01/11/2005 Authors: Laurence Mayer-Robitaille, Associate Expert, UNESCO - Division of Cultural Policies and Intercultural Dialogue, Paris

This IRIS plus links up to the earlier IRIS plus 2003-6 on "European Public Film Support within the WTO Framework" in that both articles examine the double nature of audiovisual goods and services and its impact on supranational regulation.

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IRIS Plus 2005-4: Digital Rights Management from a Consumer's Perspective

01/08/2005 Authors: Natali Helberger, Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam

This IRIS plus deals with DRM from the consumer's perspective in an effort to enhance people's understanding of this aspect of DRM.

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IRIS Plus 2005-3: Advertising Law in the Electronic Media

01/06/2005 Authors: Kathrin Berger, Institute of European Media Law (EMR), Saarbrücken/Brussels

This edition of IRIS plus deals with EC provisions on advertising, which have evolved into a dense network of regulations.

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IRIS Plus 2005-2: Regulation of Advertising in the Broadcasting Sector in Countries of the Former USSR

01/04/2005 Authors: Dmitry Golovanov, Moscow Media Law and Policy Centre

This IRIS plus describes the development of radio and TV advertising regulations in the former USSR states and the current situation of advertising law in these countries.

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IRIS Plus 2005-1: Access to Information on Government Action, especially from the Media Point of View

01/02/2005 Authors: Thorsten Ader and Max Schoenthal, Institute of European Media Law (EMR), Saarbrücken/Brussels

Taking into consideration the citizen's direct and indirect avenues to information, this IRIS plus outlines the right of accessing information as enshrined in international and European law as well as guaranteed on a national level.

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IRIS Special 2004 - Digital Television Glossary

01/12/2004 Authors: Susanne Nikoltchev (Ed.), European Audiovisual Observatory

This Digital Television Glossary was commissioned by the Observatory from the Institute of European Media Law (EMR) with a view to creating this IRIS Special and in preparation of the workshop. Concretely, we asked for a description of the functioning of digital television and – in parallel to...

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IRIS Special 2004 - Political Debate and the Role of the Media - The Fragility of Free Speech

01/12/2004 Authors: Susanne Nikoltchev (Ed.), European Audiovisual Observatory

This IRIS Special examines the significant issue of whether the media should be doing what they are able to do when it comes to political debate.

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IRIS Special 2004 - Regulating Access to Digital Television - Technical Bottlenecks, Vertically-integrated Markets and New Forms of Media Concentration

01/12/2004 Authors: Susanne Nikoltchev (Ed.), European Audiovisual Observatory

Every single aspect of digital television is affected by the question of access control: the compilation and preparation of content to be transported; the transmission and reception of content (encrypted or not), including the necessary technical devices; content bundling; programme selection...

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IRIS plus 2004-5: The Legal Protection of Broadcast Signals

01/11/2004 Authors: Lucie Guibault, Institute for Information Law (IViR), University of Amsterdam & Roy Melzer, Law firm Gilat, Bareket & Co., Tel-Aviv (Israel)

This IRIS plus contains important information on current legal protection of broadcast signals at international and European levels.

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