IRIS Plus 2004-2: Sport as Reflected in European Media Law Part I

01/03/2004 Authors: Alexander Scheuer/Peter Strothmann, Institute of European Media Law (EMR), Saarbrücken/Brussels

Questions concerning the basic principles, origins, ownership, sale and acquisition of rights to sports events are uppermost in a whole range of related legal issues, which are tackled in this edition of IRIS plus. However, legislative provisions on broadcasting, dissemination and content are...

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IRIS Plus 2004-1: Regulation of Minority-Language Broadcasting

01/02/2004 Authors: Tarlach McGonagle, Institute for Information Law (IViR) of the University of Amsterdam & Andrei Richter, Moscow Media Law and Policy Centre (MMLPC)

This IRIS plus considers whether - and if so, how – the use of minority languages in broadcasting is protected and promoted. It investigates the examples of Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. This IRIS plus also contains information about the international legal framework which aims to...

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IRIS Special 2003 - Co-Regulation of the Media in Europe

01/12/2003 Authors: Susanne Nikoltchev (Ed.), European Audiovisual Observatory

This publication explains co-regulation, offers current examples of its use and discusses possible areas in which it may be applied. It describes the characteristics and legal requirements of co-regulation, as well as the chances and risks associated with it.

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IRIS Plus 2003-5: Horizontal Rating of Audiovisual Content in Europe. An Alternative to Multi-level Classification?

01/10/2003 Authors: Carmen Palzer, Institute of European Media Law (EMR), Saarbrücken / Brussels

This article discusses the horizontal rating of audiovisual content in Europe and rounds off our series on various aspects of "horizontal regulation".

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IRIS Plus 2003-4: Swings on the Horizontal - The Search for Consistency in European Advertising Law

01/09/2003 Authors: Jan Kabel, Institute for Information Law (IViR), University of Amsterdam

This IRIS plus addresses the horizontal regulation of advertising.

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IRIS Plus 2003-3: European Public Film Support within the WTO Framework

01/06/2003 Authors: Anna Herold, European University Institute, Florence

This edition of IRIS plus describes systematically the areas where public film support and the WTO regulatory framework intertwine. The article concentrates on the compatibility of European film support policy with the GATT and GATS rules.

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IRIS Plus 2003-2: European Copyright Law and the Audiovisual Media: Are We Moving Towards Cross-Sectoral Regulation?

01/04/2003 Authors: Jan Peter Müßig & Alexander Scheuer, Institute for European Media Law (EMR), Saarbrücken / Brussels

This article explores the system of European copyright law as it applies to the audiovisual media. It discusses the aims of copyright law and how that law is affected by digitalisation, then goes on to ask whether we can identify a trend towards cross-sectoral regulation. Finally, taking the...

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IRIS Plus 2003-1: New European Rules for the Communications Sector

01/02/2003 Authors: Nico van Eijk, Institute for Information Law (IViR), University of Amsterdam

This article analyses the new EU framework for the communications sector, exploring several of the provisions that are more directly relevant for the audiovisual sector.

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IRIS Special 2002 - Jurisdiction over Broadcasters in Europe - Report on a Round-table Discussion & Selection of Background Materials

01/12/2002 Authors: Susanne Nikoltchev (Ed.), European Audiovisual Observatory

What are the remaining difficulties in determining jurisdiction? What disputes were brought before the courts and how have they been solved? What clarifications should be made to European legislation? The workshop aimed to penetrate the many facets of these questions and to fuel the discussion...

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IRIS Plus 2002-5: Co-Regulation of the Media in Europe: The Potential for Practice of an Intangible Idea

01/10/2002 Author: Tarlach McGonagle, Institute for Information Law (IViR) University of Amsterdam

This article picks up the trail begun by the earlier IRIS plus article, "Co-Regulation of the Media in Europe: European Provisions for the Establishment of Co-Regulation Frameworks". Drawing extensively on the discussions held at a workshop on the topic "Co-Regulation of the Media in Europe", the...

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