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The European Audiovisual Observatory presents its work during numerous international conferences and workshops. Our Experts and Analysts are frequently invited to take part in events concerning the audiovisual industry. Every year the Observatory organises at least three of its own events, namely:

  • the biggest public event on cinema during the Cannes Film Market (May);
  • a conference in the country holding the Presidency of the Observatory (June);
  • an event in Brussels targeting industry representatives and European decision makers, members of the press and the academic sphere (November).

We announce Observatory events, also events where we are present on this page of our website as well as on our various social media platforms.

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Films of the latest Observatory workshops and conferences

The European cinema sector - diverging paths? - 20 May 2023

FOCUS 2023: Key Trends in the Film Sector - 19 May 2023


Creators in Europe’s Screen Sectors – Sketching Present and Future Challenges - 7 June 2022

Latest news

Back Non-domestic films drove the increase in the number of European Union films accessible to EU citizens

The European Audiovisual Observatory has just published a new report on films on offer in cinemas, on TV and on VOD.
Non-domestic films drove the increase in the number of European Union films accessible to EU citizens

Download "Films on EU screens:  A comparative analysis of the film offering in cinemas, on VOD and on TV" here

This brand-new report: “Films on EU screens:  A comparative analysis of the film offering in cinemas, on VOD and on TV” has just been published by the European Audiovisual Observatory, part of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. This report provides an analysis of the offer of films in cinemas, on television and on video-in-demand in the European Union in 2022.

Key findings include:

  • At EU level and all windows considered, the share of the EU films stands at 23% of films on offer, complemented by 10% of other European films (with UK films alone accounting for 8%). But when focusing only on films theatrically released in the EU, the share of EU films was significantly higher (30%). 
  • On average, an EU consumer had access to almost 40 000 different films in 2022 (including over 6 300 available for free on AVOD or on free TV).  Still, the number of films available varied greatly according to the country, from 24 000 in Romania to 58 000 in Germany. 
  • Among the 40 000 different films available on average for an EU consumer, over 13 000 were European films, including over EU 9 000 films. In all EU countries but France, the majority of these EU films were EU non-national, and in 13 EU countries, EU non-national films accounted for more than 90% of EU films available.
  • The share of US films was lower in cinemas (more European films) and on SVOD (more films from other regions of the world) than in other distribution windows.
  • On average, as regards European works, European Union Member States rely much more on non-national works (79%) than on domestic works (21%). And among non-national European works, the EU achieves a 61% market share vs. 39% for non-EU countries. But the landscape significantly varies between Member States.
  • 67% of all EU films theatrically released in the EU between 1996 and 2021 were shown in cinemas, on VOD or on TV in 2022. These 2007-2021 EU27 films being shown in 2022 accounted for about 95% of all cinema admissions to EU27 films between 1996 and 2021.

Breakdown of European films available in cinemas, and on TV, TVOD, SVOD, and AVOD, 
by national vs. EU27 non-national vs. Other European (2022)

Source: European Audiovisual Observatory



Strasbourg 13 February 2024
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