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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new report

How does Europe boost its independent film production sector?

18/07/2019 Strasbourg, France

This new publication looks at how Europe can protect and nurture the independent production sector, often a hotbed for ground-breaking new formats and approaches but whose financial existence is often precarious.

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new free report on the visibility of European audiovisual works on transactional video-on-demand

European films and TV content get 27% of TVOD prominence

10/07/2019 Strasbourg

This report finds that, overall, European films get access to promotion and prominence on VOD services. However, with less promotion per film than US films. Promotion efforts for European films are concentrated around a limited number of titles, and take place mainly in their country of origin.

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new report on the place for European films on VOD.

EU films represent 29% of pay-per-view VOD catalogues in Europe and 21% of subscription VOD

10/07/2019 Strasbourg

In this new report, author Christian Grece has taken a sample of 77 pay-per-view (TVOD) catalogues and 45 subscription VOD (SVOD) catalogues available in the European Union in order to build this yearly analysis.

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Featured database Featured database

MAVISE database for TV, VOD services and their licences.

MAVISE, our free access database provides information on television channels, on-demand services and licences in 41 European countries and in Morocco.
Find the licensing country and owners of audiovisual services available in Europe. Create lists of services in Europe based on your criteria. Explore the European registries of licences, and download your search results.

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Featured publication Featured publication

Mapping of film and audiovisual funding criteria in the EU.

This latest report has tracked over 800 schemes of public national/federal and regional film and audiovisual funds in the EU in order to provide the big picture of film funding criteria in Europe today. The analysis covers funding for pre-production (script development, project development), production, distribution and promotion for cinema films, TV films and series as well as other audiovisual content.

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