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European Audiovisual Observatory announces St. Petersburg conference this autumn!

Conference: Challenges and chances for the Russian film industry

07/09/2018 Strasbourg

What’s new in Europe's fifth biggest cinema market? For several years now Russia has been a major economic player in film production and exploitation and in September we take the pulse of the current Russian cinema industry and look at the challenges and chances offered by this dynamic film market.

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Job Vacancy

03/08/2018 Strasbourg

Administrative Assistant in the field of Audiovisual Regulation to assist the Head of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) secretariat

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European Audiovisual Observatory announces Athens conference this autumn!

Conference: Licensing in the new audiovisual media context

31/07/2018 Strasbourg

What are the challenges of licensing VOD services, IPTV, OTT and satellite services in our brave new digital world? Find out by joining us this September in Athens where we are organising a public conference on licensing procedures concerning audiovisual media services.

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Featured event Featured event

Licensing in the new digital audiovisual media context

What challenges do the new generation of audiovisual media services raise for licensing mechanisms? Join us in Athens on 25th of September for this free public conference. It will be jointly organised by the European Audiovisual Observatory in collaboration with the Greek National Council for Radio and Television.

Entry is free but registration is compulsory. Register for free here.

Featured publication Featured publication

How are journalists and their work protected by law in Europe?

It’s high time to be reminded that national laws within Europe contain provisions to protect journalists and their work: the so-called “media privilege”. The European Audiovisual Observatory has just analysed the protection of media privilege for journalists offered by national law within Europe in this new IRIS Special publication.

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