Back Fiction film financing in Europe: big picture book

Fiction film financing in Europe: big picture book

The purpose of this publication is to grant fact-based insights on how theatrical fiction films are financed in Europe. Or phrased differently, who is - from a pan-European perspective - financing European fiction film production? It aims to provide stakeholders with 'big picture' insights and thereby contribute to informed discussions on the future of European filmmaking.

The analysis of financing structures of European films constitutes the output of an extensive collaboration project between the European Audiovisual Observatory and members of the European Film Agency Research Network (EFARN) who provided anonymised financing plan data on a film-by-film basis.

This publication is available in a new format: the flipbook which you can access below.


Author: Martin Kanzler, Film Industry Analyst, Department for Market Information, European Audiovisual Observatory 05/09/2019
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