Fiction film financing in Europe: A sample analysis of films released in 2018

18/02/2021 Author: Martin Kanzler, Film Industry Analyst, Department for Market Information European Audiovisual Observatory

This report constitutes the output of an extensive collaboration project between the European Audiovisual Observatory and the European Film Agency Research Network (EFARN).

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From cinema to VOD - 2020 edition

02/11/2020 Author: Gilles Fontaine

This new report looks at how films released in Europe since 1996 made it to Video-On-Demand. The report illustrates the complex relationships between the release of films in cinemas and in VOD.

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Modelling audiovisual sector revenue flows in the EU - working paper


This document presents a draft model of revenue flows in the audiovisual sector. As a test case, the model is used to evaluate the losses in the financing of European original content that could result from the COVID-19 crisis in 2020 and 2021.

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Female directors and screenwriters in European film and audiovisual fiction production

15/07/2020 Authors: Gilles Fontaine, Patrizia Simone

This report looks at the presence of female directors and screenwriters in film and audiovisual fiction and analyses their level of activity, including information on film genres and audiovisual formats.

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Focus 2020 - World Film Market Trends


This 23rd edition of FOCUS - World Film Market Trends (2020), presents the latest trends on all the major film markets around the world regarding film production and distribution as well as admissions.

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The visibility of audiovisual works on TVOD

12/03/2020 Author: Gilles Fontaine

This report is an analysis of the promotion of films and TV content by 52 TVOD services in 7 European countries. It looks at the origin of the content promoted, the intensity and concentration of promotion, and the relative share of films and TV content.

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The circulation of European films outside of Europe – key figures 2018

03/03/2020 Author: Martin Kanzler, Deputy Head of Department / Film Industry Analyst, European Audiovisual Observatory

This report focuses on the theatrical exploitation of European films outside Europe. 

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Fiction film financing in Europe: A sample analysis of films released in 2017

06/02/2020 Martin Kanzler, Film Industry Analyst, European Audiovisual Observatory

This report aims to provide robust figures on how European theatrical live-action fiction films are being financed. The analysis offers a big-picture, pan-European perspective, and complements work at national levels.

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Film and TV content in VOD catalogues - 2019 edition

26/11/2019 Authors: Christian Grece and Marta Jiménez Pumares, TV and VOD Analysts, European Audiovisual Observatory

This report aims to provide a global insight into the composition of VOD catalogues in Europe, looking at both film and TV content.

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Female directors in European cinema - key figures 2019


This report aims at helping to quantify the gender imbalance among film directors in Europe. It first provides a general overview of the gender of directors of European films. Then, it looks at the volume and share of films by gender of director, including information on film genres.

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