The Department for Market Information provides statistical and economic analysis of the trends in the European cinema, television, video and internet sectors. It also produces intelligence on the means of financing of these various sectors.


Fiction film financing in Europe: A sample analysis of films released in 2020


This report constitutes the output of an extensive collaboration project between the European Audiovisual Observatory and the European Film Agency Research Network (EFARN).

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Top players in the European AV industry - Ownership and concentration 2022 Edition

23/01/2023 AUTHOR: Laura Ene

The report aims to shed light on the structure of the AV industry in Europe in terms of revenues as well as other performance indicators specific to key audiovisual market segments.

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Audiovisual media services in Europe - 2022 edition

05/01/2023 Author: Agnes Schneeberger

This new report provides an overview of the supply of services in the European audiovisual media landscape.

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Female professionals in European film production - 2022 edition

18/10/2022 Author: Patrizia Simone

This report provides an overview of the gender disparity among film professionals working in the European film industry.

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Investments in original European content - 2011-2021 analysis


The report analyses the evolution of financing of original European content by broadcasters and global streamers since 2011.

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Writers and directors of European film and TV fiction 2015-2020


This note focuses on writers and directors of EU27+UK theatrical films and TV fiction released between 2015 and 2020.

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Focus 2022 - World Film Market Trends


This 25th edition of FOCUS - World Film Market Trends (2022) - presents the latest trends on all the major film markets around the world regarding film production and distribution as well as admissions.

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Female audiovisual professionals in European TV fiction production – 2020 figures

5/05/2022 Author: Gilles Fontaine

The report analyses the composition of key positions in over 37 000 TV films and TV series episodes produced between 2015 and 2020: directors, writers, producers, directors of photography, composers and lead roles.

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Circulation of European films on VOD and in cinemas

12/04/2022 Author: Christian Grece

The aim of this report is to provide initial insight into the circulation of theatrical European non-national films on VOD and to take a closer look at metrics which could explain VOD availability.

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Yearbook 2021/2022 - Key trends


This 7th edition of "key trends" offers a selection of 28 topics which we believe indicate the most significant trends affecting the European audiovisual market. It provides a mix of analysis and key data, extracted from our 2021 activities involving reports and databases.

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