FOCUS 2007 - World Film Market Trends

01/05/2007 Author: Susan Newman-Baudais

This 10th edition looks at how the development of the Internet as a promotional and broadcasting vector is seen as both a threat and an opportunity for diversity.

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FOCUS 2006 - World Film Market Trends

01/05/2006 Author: André Lange

This ninth edition of FOCUS sheds essential light on the great movements the film industry is experiencing with the broadening of horizons, the competition of new and huge markets and the stakes involved with digital and piracy issues.

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FOCUS 2005 - World Film Market Trends

01/05/2005 Author: André Lange

FOCUS 2005 gives a concise view of production and distribution around the globe in an era of increasing multinational co-productions.

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FOCUS 2004 - World Film Market Trends

01/05/2004 Author: André Lange

FOCUS 2004 provides a concise view of the worldwide situation of production and distribution. All the key figures for cinema in the most important countries are given, including China and India for the first time, as well as additional information on the new member states of the European Union.

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FOCUS 2003 - World Film Market Trends

01/05/2003 Author: André Lange

FOCUS 2003 appears for the sixth consecutive year and provides a concise analysis of results and tendencies country by country, together with figures from 2002.This year, it is enriched with unpublished figures on Korea and various countries in Africa and Middle East.

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