The exploitation of catalogue films in the EU: Cinema, television and video on demand

18/10/2018 Author: Patrizia Simone, European Audiovisual Observatory

Films that have already completed a first run of exploitation through the different distribution windows are known as “catalogue titles”. This report outlines an overview of the commercial exploitation of catalogue films in the EU across the three main distribution windows: cinema, TV and VOD.

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Audiovisual media in Europe: Localised, targeting and language offers

16/10/2018 Author: Agnes Schneeberger European Audiovisual Observatory

This report provides an overview of the European audiovisual media landscape by looking at the origin of linear and pay-on-demand audiovisual services and their circulation through three complementary angles.

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TV news channels in Europe: Offer, establishment and ownership

04/10/2018 Author: Laura Ene, Analyst European Television and On-demand Audiovisual Market European Audiovisual Observatory

This new report provides an overview of the TV news channel landscape in Europe. It quantifies the offer of TV news channels in Europe, analysing their typology, assessing their availability, and identifying where they are established.

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Key trends in Russian cinema

20/09/2018 Authors:Nevafilm Research/ European Audiovisual Observatory

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the development of the Russian film industry between 2013 and 2017. The authors analysed data on the state of film production, distribution, and exhibition, and also considered both actual and potential changes to relevant legislation.

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Brexit in context: The UK in the context of the EU audiovisual market

04/05/2018 Authors : Film analysts - Department for Market information

This report provides the key figures on: The weight of the UK within the EU audiovisual market; Co-productions between the UK and other EU28 countries; Import/ export of films between the UK and other EU28 countries; The circulation of audiovisual services between the UK and the EU.

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Online video sharing: Offerings, audiences, economic aspects

05/06/2018 Authors: Gilles Fontaine, Christian Grece & Marta Jimenez Pumares, European Audiovisual Observatory

This report presents the evolution of online video sharing, the main players, and the relationships with the programmes’ creators. It analyses the usage of video sharing platforms and their business models. It discusses the potential impact on the audiovisual sector.

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FOCUS 2018 - World Film Market Trends

01/05/2018 Authors : Martin Kanzler, Patrizia Simone, Julio Talavera

FOCUS 2018 - World Film Market Trends, the 21th edition, is commissioned from the European Audiovisual Observatory by the film market organiser at the Cannes Film Festival, the Marché du Film.

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International film co-production in Europe

05/05/2018 Strasbourg

This report defines international film co-production, describing the different legal instruments thereof available in Europe. Statistics on co-production volume, admissions and circulation of European co-productions through the different release windows (overall and by country) are also provided.

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Yearbook 2017/2018 - Key trends


Recognized by professionals and decision-makers across the audiovisual industries, this publication provides the analysis and intelligence necessary to gain an overview of recent key trends in the audiovisual sector. This year, the focus is on France, the Observatory Presidency country in 2018.

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TV fiction production in the European Union

17/04/2018 Gilles Fontaine, European Audiovisual Observatory

Key figures for the production of TV fiction in Europe.

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