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The European Audiovisual Observatory's (hereinafter "Observatory") website is intended to provide public access to information relevant to the European audiovisual sector. Despite our efforts to ensure the accuracy of the content, the Observatory declines to accept any responsibility for the content or for uses made of it.

The information which our site contains is solely compiled for general information and not meant to give advice as to the specific situation of any individual or legal entity.

The information is not necessarily complete, exhaustive, accurate or up to date. Most of the information and data are reported or compiled with the help of external sources and even though the Observatory seeks to accomplish accuracy, it does not have the means to check systematically their truthfulness or pertinence.

The pages refer to external sites over which the Council of Europe has no control and in respect of which it declines to accept any responsibility. Therefore such references shall not be interpreted to mean that our organisation endorses the content of these pages.

The pages published on this website do not constitute a professional or legal opinion of the Observatory, the Council of Europe or any other organisation, entity or person contributing to our website.

While the Observatory cannot guarantee that there are no errors on its site, it does endeavour, where appropriate, to correct those that are drawn to its attention.

The Observatory reserves the right to deny, at its sole discretion, any user whatsoever access to the Site or to a part thereof.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Protection

This policy establishes how we handle the information we learn about you when you visit the main European Audiovisual Observatory (hereafter known as “EAO”) website (www.obs.coe.int), or any of its pages (collectively “the EAO webpages”). Protecting the privacy and personal data of our visitors is of utmost importance to us. Therefore protecting your privacy and your personal data is an important aspect of the way we create, organise and implement our activities on-line and off-line. Our website and the way in which we handle your contact data strive to respect the principles set out in the recent European Union “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) of 25 May 2018, and the Council of Europe “Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data”.
The specific practices outlined in this privacy statement apply to the EAO website.

Purpose Specifications and Data Collection

In general, you can browse the EAO website without disclosing any information about yourself. If you visit the EAO website to read or download information, we collect and store only the following information that is automatically recognised: the date and time, the originating IP address, the domain name, the type of browser and operating system used (if provided by the browser), the URL of the referring page (if provided by the browser), the object requested and the completion status of the request.
We do not associate the information stored in a visitor's cookie with any other personal data about that visitor.
All our employees and controllers who have access to personal data and are associated with the processing of that data are obliged to respect the confidentiality of data.

Visitor's Choice

Registering on our website is optional. We collect the personal data that you volunteer on creating a user profile on our website www.obs.coe.int or by participating in an order, survey, competition, or other forms, or by email. If you choose not to register or provide personal information, you can still use the EAO website. However, you will not be able to purchase items or receive email alerts. The EAO views the contact data that it collects as a valuable and confidential asset. We take great care to ensure its safety.
You may choose to register to the following EAO services: "Shop" or " IRIS Newsletter". If this is the case you will receive promotional or marketing information from the EAO when you register personal data. If you choose to register, your information will be available to EAO Staff for the purpose of event management, and information emails regarding new publications. If you do not wish to continue receiving promotional or marketing information, please notify us by e-mail at: privacy-obs@coe.int.


We will never disclose your contact details to anybody outside of the Observatory. If we wish to distribute a participants’ list for one of our conferences which you may attend, we will specifically ask your permission to share your contact details with other participants and conference co-organisers for the purposes of networking or security. If you do not wish us to do so, we will remove your details from the attendance list.

Individual Participation / Access

You can ask us whether we are keeping personal data about you, and you can also request to receive a copy of that personal data. Before sending you any personal data, we will ask you to provide proof of your identity. If you are not able to provide proof of your identity, we reserve the right to refuse to send you the personal data.
We will make a sincere effort to respond in a timely manner to your requests to the previous questions or to correct inaccuracies in your personal information. At any time, you may request that we delete or correct your personal information in our logs. For such requests, please contact privacy.obs@coe.int


We intend to protect the quality and integrity of your personal information. The EAO has implemented technologies and security policies to protect the stored personal data of our users from unauthorised access, improper use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction and accidental loss. We will continue to enhance our security procedures, as new technology becomes available. EAO employees and controllers who have access to personal data are obliged to respect the privacy of our visitors and the confidentiality of their personal data.


Throughout the EAO’s website, you will find links to third-party website. Please note that the EAO is not responsible for the privacy policies or content on third-party sites.

Notifications of Changes

As the EAO creates new services that may generate a need to amend this privacy statement, the Observatory will highlight such changes on its website home page and this page on Privacy Policy.


If you have any inquiries about our privacy statement, please contact:
European Audiovisual Observatory
76 allée de la Robertsau
67000 Strasbourg

Cookies and Other Technologies

As described above, we sometimes collect anonymous information from visits to our website(s) to help us provide better customer service. For example, we keep track of the domains from which people visit and we also measure visitor activity on our website and the various free databases it houses, but we do so in ways that keep the information anonymous. We use the information that we collect to measure the number of visitors to the different areas of our website, and to help us make our website(s) more useful to visitors. This includes analysing these logs periodically to measure the traffic through our servers, the number of pages visited and the level of demand for pages and topics of interest. The logs may be preserved indefinitely and used at any time and in any way to prevent security breaches and to ensure the integrity of the data on our servers.

We collect the anonymous information we mentioned above through the use of various technologies, one of which is called "cookies". A cookie is an element of data that a web server can send to your browser, which may then be stored on your computing device. For example, EAO webpages record whether you are using the English, French or German interface so whenever you visit the site, you are taken to the language you prefer. Other session information (marked lists, search terms) is recorded with an expiration date. On our web site (if users register for it), cookies are used to save the visitor's password so that it does not have to be re-entered at each new visit. The following information is stored in the cookies:

  • IP address
  • ID information (first name, last name, job function ) will only be stored for those websites/web services that require login information on the device used (screen, browser brand and version, computer operating system)
  • An exception to only anonymous collection of data concerns only those websites/web services that require login Information on the device used (screen, browser brand and version, computer operating system). In these cases ID (first name, last name, and job function) is also collected and stored. This data is never used for other purposes.
  • If a "registered" user to EAO returns to the site, even without logging in, the IDs stored in the cookie are used to track the user (unless the user manually deleted the cookie, at which point the server will automatically regenerate another cookie).

Reproduction of material
© European Audiovisual Observatory

Unless otherwise indicated, reproduction of material posted on the Observatory website, and reproduction of graphs, tables and photographs for which the Observatory holds copyright is authorised for private use and for informational and educational uses relating to the Observatory's work. This authorisation is subject to the condition that the source be indicated and no charge made for reproduction.

Persons wishing to make some other use than those specified above, including commercial use, of information and text posted on these sites are asked to apply for prior written authorisation to the Observatory (contact email)