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Most European content on VOD is non-national - with UK content taking the lead

European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new report on Film and TV content on VOD in Europe
Strasbourg, France 28/11/2019
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Most European content on VOD is non-national - with UK content taking the lead

Film and TV content in VOD catalogues - 2019 edition: available to download here

  • European content (film and TV) represents 30% of all content found on TVOD and 26% of SVOD in the EU if we consider film and series titles and/or seasons (as opposed to individual episodes)
  • Counting individual episodes, European content (film and TV) accounts for 27% of all content found in TVOD catalogues and 20% of all episodes found in SVOD catalogues in the EU. 
  • Taking TV episodes into account, the TV content offer is five times bigger than film titles available on TVOD, and 3.6 times bigger on SVOD

Given the rise of subscription and transactional VOD services in Europe, the European Audiovisual Observatory, part of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg has just up-dated its ground-breaking report on Film and TV content in VOD catalogues. This new report was authored by Christian Grece and Marta Jiménez Pumares, TV and VOD Analysts within the Observatory’s Department for Market Information. The film catalogue data comes from JustWatch, Ampere, Filmtoro, La Pantalla Digital and EUROVOD; the TV content data was supplied by JustWatch. This report was supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission.

A few key findings from this new free report:

1. There are more single film titles available on VOD than TV content, but if one counts TV episodes, there is more TV content available

  • There is on average five times more TV episodes (meaning anything that is labelled ‘TV’ by the VOD services analysed) than film titles offer on TVOD, 3.6 times more on SVOD

2. There is slightly more European content available on TVOD than on SVOD

  • European content accounts for 30% of all content available on TVOD and 26% of all content of SVOD (counting single films and TV titles or seasons)
  • When counting the number of TV episodes rather than single titles or seasons, the share of European content falls to 27% on TVOD and to 20% on SVOD.
  • The share of US content on VOD in the EU is highest when TV episodes are considered, lowest when TV titles are considered (see figure below)

3. Most European content in VOD catalogues is non-national

  • TVOD has a higher share of national film and TV content than SVOD services

4. The UK is by far the biggest exporter of European content in VOD.

  • On TVOD, British film and TV titles are the most exported titles of EU produced content (getting 32% and 48% of the EU market respectively), followed by French film titles and German TV titles

  • On SVOD, British film and TV titles account also for the lion’s share of EU exports with over 50% of all titles which were exported

The film data in this report is based on June 2019 catalogue data from JustWatch, Ampere, Filmtoro, La Pantalla and EUROVOD taken from 146 TVOD catalogues and 136 SVOD catalogues. The TV content data is based on JustWatch data from 118 SVOD catalogues in 21 EU countries and on 53 TVOD catalogues from 14 EU countries collected in October 2019.

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