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Back Over 27 000 different films broadcast by European Union TV channels in 2022

The European Audiovisual Observatory has just published a new report on audiovisual works broadcast on European television channels.
Over 27 000 different films broadcast by European Union TV channels in 2022

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This brand-new report: “Works on television in Europe 2023 edition” has just been published by the European Audiovisual Observatory, part of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. This report provides an analysis of the offer of films and TV content in 2022 provided by a sample of 1331 European TV channels and also gives a view of evolutions between 2018 and 2022.

Key findings include:

  • Over 88 000 works in the EU and over 155 000 works in wider Europe were broadcast at least once. (Works considered: films and made-for-TV works excluding sports, news, games, talk shows, reality shows, music, education, religion. For TV series: 1 season=1 work) The figure includes over 27 000 and over 32 000 European films in the EU and in wider Europe, respectively. On average, about 2 300 European films and 1 300 European TV show seasons were broadcast in a given country.
  • European works accounted for 43% of works broadcast in the EU in 2022, almost on a par with US works (46%). (This report does not intend to measure the quotas foreseen in the AVMS directive. In particular this report focuses on first runs and not all runs by a given TV channel; it uses, as the main indicator, number of films or TV shows seasons and not duration; it deals with programming genres that are not aligned with the legal definitions of ‘works’, at least in certain countries.) Among European works, EU27 works accounted for 70% and other European works for 30%. Figures were similar when considering not only EU countries but wider Europe.
  • A higher share of European works for TV shows: whether in the EU or in wider Europe, the share of European works was higher for TV shows (measured in number of seasons) than for films. 
  • A higher share of European works for documentary films: About two thirds of documentary films broadcast were European, vs. about 40% for all films.
  • More European non-national works than national works: In the EU, EU27 national works accounted for 36% of European works, EU27 non-national works for 34%, and other, non-EU European countries for 30%.

Average number per country of different European films and series available on TV (2022)

Source: European Audiovisual Observatory analysis of Metaprofile data



Strasbourg 8 February 2024
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